My Journey To Become Healthy!

Hello my sweets, 

As we approach the upcoming New Year the goals that I promised myself to accomplish never makoit to the finish line. For example:

  • Going to the gym.
  • Eating healthier.
  • Learn to crochet.
  • Be more active.
  • No more soda or caffeine.
  • No more junk food.
  • Drink more water.

Yeah all those goals never made it past a month and I would think of any excuse to not begin or to not see the goal to the end. “I’m tired or I will do it tomorrow.” we’re my constant reasons for doing good one day and slowly going back to my old ways by saying it was okay to eat junk food because I’m going to exercise the carbs and sugar off the next day – knowing good well I wasn’t going to the gym that week or the week after.

Whatever the case may be.

The excuses we’re getting in the way of progressing myself into a happier lifestyle. This time around, I’m not allowing any excuse stop me from bettering myself and my health.
One of the goals that I always took off the list first was exercising and eating nutritional food. 

After giving birth to my son Carter December of 2015, I went from 110 pounds to 160 pounds and the scale kept climbing each week. And lucky me! The weight did not go into the “right” places – Yes I’m being sarcastic people work with me! Even though I appear skinny and fit, I’m aware I am far from being in shape, I’m not even close. 

For a 21 year old woman with no serious health issues, I shouldn’t be out of breath climbing a set of stairs. Enough is enough! I had to take action, I have two small children that needs their mother around as long as possible. And improving my health for the better will ensure that!

I have found amazing workout routines, healthy meal preps, tips to stay motivated and much more on Pinterest for beginners just like me. 

Yes I’m aware I’m not a trainer, however if I can motivate someone who wants to better their health with hard work and dedication. I’m sorry but I don’t see the harm in that.

I listed below the pins (Pins don’t belong to me) that I currently added to my daily routine and my one hundredth attempt to get fit haha. I will also add insight on my experiences so far on my journey to becoming healthy!

When I seen this on Pinterest I was ecstatic to add this to my nighttime routine. When you’re completely out of shape like me this simple exercise routine kicked my butt in all angles haha. Yet, after a couple of nights of adjusting my body to my new addition to my bedtime routine, It became much easier to get adjusted and even add a few more squats or leg lifts to feel productive before going to bed.

When I told my fiancé I want our family to start eating more healthy, he thought it was an amazing idea and wanted to start that very morning! We went to our local grocery store and followed this simple grocery store guideline to purchasing healthier food which made shopping a breeze. I was never a vegetable eater but after tasting cabbage, squash and asparagus I was hooked and so was my kids, surprisingly.

I fell in love with this water bottle when I seen it on Pinterest. I have a hard time remembering to drink water throughout the workday. I’ll pick up a glass of juice or soda faster than a glass of water, which is a big no. This bottle is a great reminder to drink water every hour of the hour until it’s time for bed. You will feel hydrated and awake once you add drinking eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day to your daily routine.

Hopefully this motivates you like it motivated me to get up and get fit! Until next time!

XOX Aneesha.

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Strategies to Deal With Toxic People

Hello lovelies! Being around toxic people has a negative impact on us, Especially if it’s a co-worker,family member or spouse. Without these difficult relationships I wouldn’t know the appropriate way to approach them without conflict. But, What defines a toxic person? I actually don’t think the person is toxic but more of their attitude and behavior toward our relationship is toxic. Common behavior includes:

  • Causing drama in their lives or surrounded bystanders.
  • Using others only when it benefits them.
  • Manipulating people.
  • Overly judgemental of people.
  • Belittling everyone.

It’s important to realize that we all play a role in interacting with toxic people, We’ll either diffuse the situation or add more fuel to the fire. You only control you, Trying to change others is near impossible. The only thing we can do is provide support or learn to forgive them for their behavior.

It’s crucial to notice the signs of you being affected by a toxic person, If you can’t define the effect it is having on your mind and body it will be difficult to stop.

Here’s some of the signs if you have a toxic person effecting your life:

  • You feel bad/ashamed.
  • Your more emotional than before.
  • Your Exhausted/Angry easily.
  • You rather be alone than with loved ones.

So what can you do to stop this toxic person? I have to admit it isn’t easy. However, with hardwork and dedication it can be done. Here are some of the strategies I use while dealing with a toxic person.

Don’t Explain Yourself | You don’t need to justify yourself, Saying the word No is a strong response on its own. You don’t need to make excuses or explain yourself to someone whose goal is to misunderstand you. If you simply just can do it, Say no and walk away to avoid confrontation.

Have Control | You don’t have to participate in arguments that you get invited into. Creating conflict is the number one thing a toxic person loves to do, It makes them feel noticed and important, Don’t react to them – it’s called being mature. Learning control saves you energy for something that truly matters.
Practice Sympathy | Being understanding and compassionate of a persons situation helps build the toxic relationship up. We don’t know why this person behaves this way, We can still be respectful without the unnecessary comments. Everyone has something positive about themselves, Find out what their is and see if a positive conversation starts from there.

Honest Chat | Rise above the situation. Try connecting with them in a sensitive way, If you can reach a place where you can pull them to the side and have a chat – then do it. Find something that can have that person talking, And change the subject to something related. If it doesn’t work, Avoid an argument. Remember rise above.

Forgive Them | If you have exhausted all your options to try to help the situation, Wipe your hands of the situation and move on. Forgiveness does not mean you accept their behavior, It simply mean your not going to try to help them change their bad mood. It’s about inner strength. Walking away knowing you tried is all you need. 

Set Boundaries | You weren’t born to please people, And toxic people are twice as hard to please which makes you want to try harder, compromise more and trying harder to keep the peace. No longer tolerate their mess. Trust your judgement even if everyone thinks it’s right or wrong!

You deserve to be around people that makes you happy and feel uplifted, who support and encourage you and directs you towards your goals. Never settle for less than you deserve.

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The Art of Not Giving a Damn

Hello lovelies, Who’s guilty of tip-toeing their way through life by only doing things to please others and just overall caring what other people think of us? I know I’m guilty of it.

We accept that everyone got the daily memo “Accept how things are or make your life hell”. Eventually we don’t even notice our actions, appearance and even our lives become transformed by how others views us.

It’s exhausting and terrible to live the ideal life of what others want us to live. It has to stop! It’s impossible to live up to everyone’s expectations. There will always be unsatisfied people in this world, No matter how kind we treat them – They will always judge us for all the things we do. Change our hair, Get a promotion or even using the restroom. We can never stop people from judging us, But what we we can do is, Stop it from affecting us.

You’re going to come across people that aren’t going to have the same views as you. So why no express how you truly feel? What’s the worse that can happen if you stand up for what we believe in? Maybe they will change a new leaf and have some knowledge on a topic or absolutely nothing will happen. Because you stood your ground, Regardless if they agree or disagree. As long as you set your point across with no issues, That’s all that matters.

The world is filled with people that reads their daily memo and deal with it, And then there’s people like us that’s going to make a difference! Start living the way you want, Stand up for what you believe in and lastly be fearless



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