Get To Know Me Tag!

Hello my sweets,

2017 is starting off amazing! Some of the goals that I set for my blog to achieve this year I already had the pleasure of completing! For example,

  • Stay on a consistent schedule. (Monday,Wednesday and Fridays.)
  • Promote blog posts on social media.
  • Collaborate with other bloggers/entrepreneurs.

I’m beyond excited to see what this year has in store! There’s no where to go but up from here!

 One goal I was eager to get started was building a bond with other bloggers. Here’s just a few entrepreneurs and bloggers that I’m thankful of having the opportunity of collaborating or receiving they’re knowledgeable tips that I know you guys will think the same.

These amazing bloggers and entrepreneurs have many ideas and projects in stored for this year that I know you guys don’t want to miss, Check them out.

The one piece of advice each blogger/entrepreneur can all agreee with was to get my readers know me on a personal level. I was floored with the idea and was ecstatic to get started. Besides, I couldn’t wait to share this idea with you guys! 

I consider the blog community my second family and I love you guys like a fat kid loves cake haha! 

1.) What is your middle name?  Mōna, Ever since I was younger I never liked how my middle name was spelled. So I took it upon my self to change the spelling to Monae lol.

2.) What was your favorite subject at school? Reading. 📖❤

3.) What is your favorite drink? I can’t get enough of orange juice, I can drink it anytime of the day. ðŸ˜‚

4.) What is your favorite song at the moment? Ariana Grande Ft. Nicki Minaj- Side to side. â¤ðŸ˜

5.) What is your favorite food? If I could eat tacos every single day .. I would. 🙂🌮❤

6.) What is the last thing you bought? I purchased makeup remover wipes and a light up Barbie toothbrush for my daughter.

 7.) What is your favorite book of all time? 21 Dares by JC Gatlin. This book is such a page turner you guys will enjoy it.

8.) Favorite color? This is a hard one, of course Pink. 🌸💖💘

9.) Do you have any pets? I have one dog that I consider my baby brother, His name is Nikko.

10.) Favorite perfume? Crush by Rihanna.

11.) Favorite holiday? … Christmas use to be my favorite holiday but my mom’s death date is 2 days before Christmas, so I choose Thanksgiving as my favorite…

12.) Are you married? I’m engaged. 😊

13.) Have you ever been out of the country? 🙄 I wish! Traveling to Australia is on my bucket list. I don’t know when I’m going – but I can’t wait! 😂

14.) Do you speak any other languages? Unfortunately no, I want to learn Spanish. 

15.) How many siblings do you have? I have 5 total, 3 from my mothers side and 2 from my fathers. I even have a sister that’s 2 weeks older than me! ðŸ˜³ðŸ˜± We’ll get into detail about that later.

16.) What is your favorite shop? Forever 21 is my favorite place to shop, If it’s still around when I’m 50 I’ll still be shopping there haha. 😍🙄

17.) Favorite restaurant? I always loved diners, so Dennys.

18.) When was the last time you cried? Haha this past Saturday, This story is actually funny. My right tire to my car Lucille (that’s my car’s name by the way.) had went flat, so I got frustrated and kicked the wheel because I was tired from work and wanted to go home and I slipped and fell on my ass because it was slippery from the rain! I was so upset but I was crying from laughing. 😂

19.) Favorite blog? I seriously can’t choose! 😩 I have TONS of blogs that I read on the regular basis that I consider my favorite. However, The Blush Mom has caught my full attention.

20.) Favorite movie? This is a hard one too! But my favorite movie that know word for word is Bugs Life.

21.) Favorite TV shows? I can watch Roseanne all day, I have all her seasons recorded on my DVR. If I want a good laugh after a horrible day of work I turn on Roseanne and laugh until my ribs ache.

22.) PC or Mac? Of course Mac.

23.) What phone do you have? The Dark Gray iPhone 6. I want to upgrade to the iPhone 7. Does anyone have the iPhone 7 recommend it? Please comment. 🤔

24.) How tall are you?  5ft 3 1/2 inches tall. 

25.) Can you cook? Um 😐 no, I don’t know how to cook but I’m willing to learn lol hubby runs the kitchen. 😋

And that’s pretty much that basics for little ol’ me. Do the “Get to Know Me” challenge and tag me so we can get to know each other! 

Until next time!

XOX, Aneesha

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