Inexpensive Must Have Makeup Brushes!

Hello lovelies! Just recently I have discovered my new found love for makeup and beauty. After watching some of my favorite Beauty YouTubers, I had to upgrade my makeup tools and also not spend a fortune at the same time.

I was on the internet for hours trying to pick and choose between many great options. Yet, I found the Silky 10 piece by Duôrīme Makeup. I was skeptical on purchasing the  eyeshadow brush kit due too – I’ve never heard of this brand before and the brushes we’re crazy cheap, It was a “too good to be true” situation. For only $7.98 USD for a set of 10 brushes I was tempted to hit the “Save Order” button. However, I wanted to say forget it and use MannyMua promo code for guaranteed good quality brushes from Morphe Brushes. After a lot of thinking any thing that helps me save extra money and the brushes are good quality for the price, you have my full attention. I took the risk and purchased the brushes. And I’m thankful I did, These brushes we’re worth the risk!

Every makeup artist on planet Earth always recommend to investing on good quality makeup brushes which is 100 percent correct. Not only does it allow your makeup application to be applied smoothly and easily but it makes your final look appear ten times better!

I was immediately drawn to the small angle brush, It was perfect for applying my NYX Tame & Frame pomade to my eyebrows finishing it with a defined natural look. To my surprise the bristles on the brushes were very soft for the material to be synthetic. But for the price, I’m not complaining!

The eyeshadow brush set comes with, 

  • Small angled brush.  (I Use)
  • Eye Shader.
  • Flat Definer. (I Use)
  • Short Shader.
  • Angled Shading.
  • Tapered Blending. (I Use)
  • Concealer Brush. (I Use)
  • Pencil Brush. (I Use)
  • Lip Brush. (I Use)
  • Eyeliner Brush. (I Use)

I have been using these brushes for a few months and there has been ZERO shedding, the handle is sturdy and the bristles held up well after its washings. And the brushes distribute the product fantastically and apply a lot of pigment to all applied areas. 

If your a beginner on a budget looking for inexpensive starter eyeshadow brushes to add to your beauty tools or for when traveling away from home, I highly recommend giving these brushes a try here!

Until next time! 



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How To Gain Mental Strength and Happiness?

Hello lovelies, Ever since my mom passed away 5 years ago around Christmas of 2011, I have been battling with depression and anxiety ever since. I was only 16 years old at the time of her death and 3 months later I was hit with the harshness of reality, I discovered I was pregnant with my first daughter. I was afraid, ecstatic and sad all at once. I had to be strong for my daughter but I didn’t know what steps to take or where to begin. My mother was the person I would turn to for everything – unfortunately I no longer have that privilege anymore. What was I going to do? 17 years old with a newborn baby and always at war with myself. I was ready to grab ahold of my happiness once and for all and never let go.

One day I sat down with a pencil and paper and considered what would make my mother proud? Continuing my education, traveling the country , be a full time mother, own my own business? The list was non-stop. However, I had no clue what would make her proud because she couldn’t confirm it. I was so focused on fulfilling my mom’s “independence” trait that I failed to realize what my mom really wanted overall – that’s for me and my siblings to be happy

Now I’m a full time working mother providing for my family after a struggling 4 years of battling depression and anxiety and I’m in a much better and happier place. But it wasn’t easy, It didn’t take a few days It took time and patience to convince myself I’m strong and I can conquer anything if I put my mind to it.I wasn’t myself and everyone around me knew something wasn’t quite right. Once it took a toll on my loved ones I had to spring into action.

I completed 5 easy steps that helped me gain my mental strength back once for all and became stress free during the process . I hope these tips helps you like they have helped me. 

1. Dont Waste Energy on Things You Can’t Control! – Anytime something didn’t go how I planned or expected I immediately shift the situation off of me onto something else and shut down. I get completely discouraged and want to give up. However we can’t control how things unravel once it starts. The only thing we can control is how we handle it once everything goes into place – bad or good. Accept any responsibility that’s related to you and move on.

2. You CAN’T Please Everyone and DON’T– Trying to care less about pleasing everyone was one of the hardest things I struggled to change and ultimately stop while trying to build my mental strength. Not everyone is going to see the potential in your work – and that’s okay. Anytime someone wasn’t to fond of my material I would ask for insight, tips, recommendations on books or videos etc to gain knowledge and hear a success story as well. Accepting constructive criticism shows your willing to hear different opinions to improve your projects and it also shows how mature one can be without getting offended by someone’s views.

3. Don’t Give Up After The First Try– I know we’re all expecting to see our creation and hard work pay off at the end and shoot only to the top. But what if your masterpiece didn’t get the results you we’re looking for? Everyone started off at the same place – the bottom. We all have a project we put our blood,sweat and tears into for it to only come up short at the end. It’s only up to you if you want to change the scenery and move up the ladder to success and productivity.

4. Don’t Let Fear Stop You From Taking “Life Changing” Risks.- Taking risks can be sometimes worrisome for others. However, I always recommend to outweigh your options before making any final decisions. Learning the benefits and downfalls of accepting the possibilities of a risk can point you in the right direction without harm coming to your mental health or brand.

5. If Its From The Past, Keep It There. – Never dwell on the past and regret any decision you made. Acknowledge what decisions were made and grow from the life learning experience. Live for the present and grow for the future ahead of you.

“The minute you think about giving up, Think of the reason why you held on for so long.”

I hope these strategies make the road to your destination much brighter and clear to travel. Cheers to gaining your mental strength and happiness!

Do you have any other strategies or tips to improve your metal health? Comment below! 

Until next time!



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How To Achieve Balance In Your Life.

Hello my loves, Balance is something that  some of us struggle to work on the daily basis. Trying to balance between career, family, health, hobbies, personal time and home care is not easy; and some find reasons to not complete the task altogether which enhances lazy habits.

Once you achieve balance in your life you will feel better mentally, physically and spiritually. And you will begin to feel better about yourself and the life you currently have and the people that are in it.

I have discovered 4 easy and adjustable tips that not only made me feel better as a person but look at life in a positive light. My routine became light and easy in all aspects in my life once I adopted these easy tips and I want to share them with you! 

We will all probably hear this saying over a million times during our lifetimes. “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” and that statement is 100% true. After becoming a mother of two, I would rush out the door and completely forget to grab a bite to eat to avoid the kids being late to daycare and me being late to work. We receive energy from our food and of course when we wake up in the morning our energy meter is at a zero. Taking 10 minutes out of your morning to prepare a delicious “beneficial”breakfast promotes productivity and time management skills. You will thank yourself when your not dragging your feet throughout the day once you adopt this habit.

It’s always important to never overwork yourself. Set aside things that needs to be done immediately and neatly put away the other items that can wait a few days.  Priorities tend to change over time so adjust accordingly to the change. Once I became a mom my fiancé, family, career, overall health and my home became my top priorities. You’re the only one that knows what needs worked on in your life and what doesn’t, Make time to complete your tasks.

It’s very important to take care of your health. Improving your health will make you feel better physically and your mind will be more clear and have more clarity which will improve your mental health. Don’t ever take your health for granted, Instead invest in your health to improve it. You can,

  • Exercise.
  • Go for a jog or walk.
  • Eating nutritional food.
  • Drink more water.
  • Don’t stress. (Better said than done, I know.)
  • Get a good night rest.
  • Dieting.

Without our health, we wouldn’t be able to perform the daily tasks that needs to be completed and our lives would really be unbalanced then.

I suffer from this problem at my work place daily. Getting disciplined for not turning my paperwork in before the deadline made me feel discouraged and worthless. Finally I came to the conclusion, I will shut my office door and organize everything by priority and barricade myself until it’s complete. And reward myself later by accompanying my co-workers with much needed adult conversation. It won’t be easy, but do your best to block out all distractions and I promise your work shift will go by much smoothly and you will feel more motivated.

Take time everyday to improving balance in your life or others around you. You will be more positive and satisfied with yourself and your lifestyle.



What helps you balance your lifestyle? Please let us know!

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Self Love: What’s Atelphobia and How to Relieve it? 

Hello my loves! It’s the beginning of the New Year and I’m starting this year with a clean slate. I’m wiping my hands clean of any problems, stress or worries that I had in 2016 that I wasn’t able to resolve. Those problems are where they belong, in the past. I’m making 2017 my mission to grow as a person from inside out and sprout a better version of me.

One problem I always faced while growing up (especially in high school) is fear of not being good enough and of course there’s a word for it –Atelphobia. I was shy and no one wanted to be my friend, My self esteem was ruined before it even started and there’s no worse feeling of being forced to be alone. I was confined to a pen and a piece of paper every lunch period and vent my thoughts and emotions until my hands started to cramp. And ever since then, I haven’t been able to stop. Not everyone has the same passion of writing as me, So how can one relieve the feeling of atelphobia?
How can you get over the feeling of not being good enough? 

Let me be he first to tell you.. You ARE good enough! We’re all human and no one is perfect. Don’t let shame stop you from loving myself. Imperfection is apart of being human.

Over the past 5 years I have practiced meditation, prayers, affirmations and even detox cleansing. I was determined to love myself. However, to love yourself it’s not something you have to go buy at the store or research on the internet. I had made a commitment to follow when I felt unsure about my self that I hope helps someone like it helped me. 

  1. Look in the mirror and tell yourself your beautiful and mean it.
  2. Accept who you are.
  3. Release all feelings of self-hate.
  4. Replace negative words with positive ones.
  5. Be patient with yourself.
  6. Treat yourself with respect.
  7. Love yourself to the best of your ability.
  8. Forgive your mistakes you done in the past.
  9. Be your biggest fan.
  10. Not worry about what others think of you.
  11. Never compare yourself to others.
  12. You’re worthy of great things!
  13. Make yourself a priority.
  14. Write why your happy list, 
  15. Pamper yourself once in awhile.

Practicing self care is always beneficial as well to your mental and physical health and you can find out to improve your self care here!

I also found 5 inspiring quotes that promotes Self Love that helped me when I was feeling ashamed of myself and I want to share them with you too!

(Quotes credited by member of Pinterest)

Mala Collective


Spirituality, Intuition & Healing

Albion Fit

Jenn at Affirmation & Calendar 2017

Don’t rely on someone else for happiness Everything you need your courage, love, compassion and everything else is already within you. You owe yourself that love that you give everyone but don’t receive in return. 

Regardless of how anyone feels about you choose to be happy and love yourself each and every day!



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Happy New Years Eve: Personal and Blog Goals for 2017

Hello my loves! And Happy New Years Eve! Can not believe in less than 24 hours it will be 2017. Before I begin I want to thank all my readers and supporters that inspires me to keep going no matter the views or my experience. I love reading all your comments and your feedback. I love you guys and I’m definitely going to keep up the pace in 2017!

It’s kind of hard to reflect on everything that happened throughout the passing year. Overall, 2016 wasn’t bad but it wasn’t the greatest either. However we do tend to remember all the negativity and forget about the good memories that happened such as weddings, graduations, births, friendships, promotion and more. Maybe you have noticed I wasn’t blogging as much until November of 2016 or maybe you haven’t noticed. Whatever the case may be, I have an reasonable reason for my absence, I became a mom again to an adventurous baby boy named Carter in December of 2015! After that I wanted to devote my free time to my fiancé and my children.

Yet I still had this empty feeling in my heart, I missed blogging and helping others conquer the battle they we’re going through. Writing/blogging is my undeniable passion that I couldn’t ignore. I have a lot stored for 2017 that I know you guys are going to love!

  • Beauty Tips/Reviews/DIYs
  • Inspirational post
  • Relationship advice 
  • Parenting Tips
  • Giveaways and much more!

If you follow me on Twitter you know I love challenging myself. All I talk about are my goals for 2017. Unfortunately in the past, my goals were short lived for honestly being to lazy to finish.. but not in 2017! I’m going to announce my personal goals and blogs goals to the world to let you guys know I’m serious this time and I want you to be serious about your short and long term goals with me!

  1. Invest in a Roth IRA.
  2. Start Exercising.
  3. Eat Healthy.
  4. Quit smoking cigarettes. (This one is hard.)
  5. Travel more.
  6. Learn how to apply makeup.
  7. Be more positive and happy.

  1. Publish a blog atleast 4 times a week.
  2. Stay active on all social media profiles.
  3. Publish a blog greater than 2,000 words.
  4. Reply to all comments and mentions on blog and/or social media.
  5. Run a contest/giveaway.
  6. Write a EBook.
  7. More collaborations.

I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it! The year 2017 is going to be amazing, what’s listed above it’s just few of the things I want to Accomplish during the New Year and I want you guys to be there during my journey!

Happy New Years Ever!


Aneesha ♥

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Bye Bye Under-Eye Bags and Puffiness

Hello lovelies!

 To wake up and discover you have the case of under-eye puffiness and bags can become very frustrating when you have a long day ahead of you. It makes you want to crawl back into bed and hope they disappear. Under-eye bags has been a huge beauty issue in my makeup, morning routine and my life! Have me questioning how did they get there? How to get rid of them? 

There are many explanations for the cause of under-eye bag and puffiness. One can get this from:

  • Genetics.
  •  Lack of sleep.
  • Dehydration.
  • High use of salt in diet.
  •  Allergies.

 The results of under-eye bags gives us an appearance of exhaustion and like we got punched in both eyes. 
But don’t fret! Since I was 16 years old I’ve been battling with this beauty issue until just recently. I have found wonderful tips and home remedies that will fix this unsightly weight we carry under our eyes in no time! And I want to share them with all of you!

  1. Cold Spoon– Applying a cold spoon to my under-eye bags has became crucial to my makeup/morning routine. Place a spoon in the freezer for 15 minutes and place the silverware under your eye until it’s room temperature. The coolness will bring down eye swelling and reduce redness tremendously!
  2.  Cucumber Slices | Believe it or not. Cucumbers is the most frequent home remedy used to help reduce dark circles, swelling and redness. The caffeic acid brings down the water retention under the eyes to bring down the swelling. Place a cool and clean cucumber slice over each eye for 30 minutes at least once a day for a week to see results. For extra measures, Rub a cotton ball in the cucumber juice and rub under each eyes and rinse after 15 to 20 minutes.
  3. Raw Potato Slices | There are natural agents in a potato that lightens the look of dark circles, reduce bags and puffiness. If you don’t have any cucumbers handy, Potato slices is the next best home remedy I use. Using a potato to remove eye puffiness is used in the same method as the cucumber.
  4. Cold Milk | Cold milk is another home remedy to use in combat against eye puffiness. The combination of vitamins, amino acids and proteins helps reduce the unsightly look of under-eye puffiness. Dip a clean dry paper towel in a glass of whole milk, and place under both eyes for a total of 15 minutes and rinse with warm water.
  5. Egg Whites | Egg whites are an easily accessible remedy to help treat puffy eyes. Egg whites reduce irritation and stimulate circulation to reduce dark circles. Simply apply already beaten egg whites with a Q-Tip or cotton ball under the eyes and let dry for 15 minutes. And gently rinse. Added Bonus! The under eye area is very thin and being rough with this area also cause darkness and redness. Be gentle when working with the skin around the eyes.

I have listed my favorite natural home remedies to treat under-eye bags and puffiness. 

What are some of your tricks and tips to treat under-eye bags/puffiness?



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Hit or Miss: Kylie Jenner “Dark of Knight” Lip Kit Review

Hello lovelies! Kylie Jenner’s new makeup collection Kylie Cosmetics has been a huge hit since it came out to the public in the early 2016. It was impossible to get your hands on the product due to it being sold out in a mere 10 minutes. 

After a few months I gave up getting my hands on the “2016 Favorite matte lipstick”. Until one day I seen a give away from one of my favorite bloggers with the prize being Kylie Lip Kit. Thinking to myself my chances of winning are slim to none since I’m Queen Unluck, I said why not and checked the requirements to enter. Let’s just say I’m grateful I have a “Why not go for it” attitude.

When my fiancé handed me a package on Christmas morning from my girl over at Melanin Mommie, I knew exactly what was in the package. My giveaway prize Kylie Jenner “Dark of Knight” Lip Kit! 

I won! Wooo hooo! I never win anything, You guys should of have seen all the 90’s dance moves I was busting out near the Christmas tree lol.

When I opened the package of course was greeted by a lovely “Merry Christmas” letter from my girl @JustLynn_ (Your Amazing Hun!) and the holy grail of matte lipstick! The Kylie Lip Kit, I couldn’t wait to try it on.

I was immediately sold when I noticed a lip pencil also came with the lipstick, Every woman that’s involved with makeup or beauty knows the struggle when you find the perfect lipstick but can’t find the lip liner! I was instantly ecstatic, I was able to easily outline my lips and with only ONE shade, I was able to satisfy my makeup needs. But wait, no  flakes or over drying? I was waiting for the matte lipstick to show me some type of flaw but surprisingly, I was proved to be wrong. 

The lipstick applied beautifully to my lips and gave them a sexy definition. Immediately after applying the liquid sensation it felt as if I didn’t have anything on my lips at all. After 2-3 hours I would check my makeup to do any touch ups but my lipstick looked the same as it did when I applied it. 

 I stayed away from matte lipstick because even though you get a defined neat look, it’s tough to get off! Using 2 to 3 wipes just to remove makeup from your lips can cause one a lot of money. KLK I was able to remove my matte lipstick with one wipe and no problem. I felt like I was watching a magician perform a disappearing act right before my eyes.

Dark of Knight gave me a confident alluring look, that gave me the appearance and attitude of someone that demand respect.

If your looking for a bad ass, night out in the city look. You definitely want to give this lipstick a go!

Until next time!



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Epic Fail: How My Fiancé Ruined A Wedding That We’re Still Planning.

Hello lovelies! Whats suppose to be the happiest day of every woman’s life had turned to be a living nightmare for mine. If you weren’t aware, my now fiancé and father of both my kids had done the number one rule to every relationship that’s a big no-no. He opened the door to  infidelity, he performed adultery! A.K.A he cheated. My high school sweetheart and the man of my dreams had done the unthinkable to me. He betrayed my trust and did the unimaginable, informed me there was a baby on the way and wants to be apart of his/her life. Let’s just say my stomach fell into my ass when I heard that news and almost 3 years later, I still catch myself thinking about what he has done. Something always triggers me to go back to those unhappy days, and I refuse to go back!

Planning a wedding while having these non stop thoughts and misleading views in my head was putting me in a negative space. I didn’t want to be around family, friends and I didn’t want to do the one thing I enjoy doing on my free time, blogging. I had to stop and ask myself.

  1. Is it fair  I’m marrying a man and I haven’t forgave him for his cheating past?
  2. Is it fair to me that I’m allowing myself to distance myself from everything and everyone I love just to “cope” with his unfortunate painful mistake?

We sat down and talked about it and he expressed his sorrows immensely and I threw my show at him – just kidding, in my head I did. And I couldn’t help but to look and see how much he meant it, seeing the sadness in his eyes made me want to forgive him. Yes, I did love him and I still wanted to be with him. But I expressed my disapproval of getting married – so soon. 

He took the news bad, But he said “As long as it’s not a no, he’s happy.” he will always wait for me. My family gave me the side eye when my fiancé and I entered a room and I would hear a few whispers and giggles around our couples friends. But I didn’t care because I was happy and that’s all that mattered. We’re only human, we’re going to make mistakes. As long as the same mistake doesn’t get repeated twice then a happy wife equals a happy life. It’s going to take me awhile to trust my fiancé fully. But each day we’re a step closer.

Until next time!

 Be bold be great be you!



If you interested in what steps I took to over come my fiancés infidelity, Check it out here At Never Again Ministries by Shon Hyneman.

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Merry Christmas with a pinch of Appreciation

Hello lovelies and Merry Christmas! This is the time of year where you show others appreciation and Christmas is the holiday for giving than receiving. I wouldn’t have got this far with my blog if it wasn’t for you guys! I’m truly without a doubt grateful for all my readers, friends and family that continued to show me their support through this journey to “find” myself. Honestly, I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for you guys. Seriously lol.

I have ALOT planned for the year 2017, And I know you guys will love it. Your feedback and insight mean so much to me. The advice and tips I receive from everyone out there makes me a stronger and confident writer. And for that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years! I hope this holiday brings everyone love and happiness, As you all done for me when I first started blogging.



How To Avoid Being the Grinch Around the Holidays 

Hello lovelies, The holiday season is without a doubt, My favorite time of the year. The Christmas carols, decorations and just the feeling of the holiday in the air. What can I say? I’m a sucker for Christmas.

 But what if your apart of the holiday wasteland? You know, That place we go every once in awhile, when we’re not in the mood for the holidays. Sometimes as we grow older, The holidays starts to feel like any other time of the year. And before you know it – we’re already in the new year.

It’s all apart of growing up, of course. However, The holiday season is a precious and valuable time to spend with family and friends. The more I think about the things that take me away from those happy moments, The more I try to avoid it to be filled with the joy and excitement of the holidays.  With that being said, the holidays can be a lonely and stressful time for someone, Thinking of the idea of being cheerful on the holidays is just wishful thinking for some. 

Luckily, There are some helpful tips to help you or anyone get into a more festive mood for the holiday season.

  1. Decorate your home/workspace | Decorating your home or work space is a great start to get into the holiday spirit. Hanging up wreaths, Playing Christmas music and hanging up the ornaments. Will definitely bring someone in the holiday spirit.
  2. Watch Christmas Movies | There’s nothing better than curling up on the couch on a cold snowy day with the tree lit watching everyone’s favorite holiday movies. Some of my personal favorite includes: Elf, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Home Alone, The Perfect Holiday, A Christmas Story and more.
  3. DIY Christmas Crafts | One of the things I enjoyed doing the most as a child with my mother and siblings was build a gingerbread house. Making a gingerbread house not only brings out your creativity, it brings everyone together for laughs and fun. There are thousands of easy DIY crafts that will bring everyone together.
  4. Prepare Christmas Dinner | If your family ends the holiday with a beautiful dinner for the whole family to feast. Preparing or helping cook or serve the Christmas dinner is a great way to get into the spirit. Even though it’s not a 5 star meal, Your family and friends will appreciate the time and effort.
  5. Focus on the positive | Instead of dwelling on thing that stress you out. Focus on the meaning of the holidays – Being around your loved ones. Christmas is about helping and sharing the joy with others. Stop worrying about the gifts you didn’t purchase yet or the gift you had your eyes onare sold out. Enjoy the presence of the people you love.
  6. Look at Christmas Lights | Drive around your neighborhood and check out everyone’s Christmas display. There’s nothing quite like Christmas than seeing everyday houses transform into Christmas extravaganza during the holidays.

What activities do you do to get into the holiday spirit?


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