Book Review | All Things Beautiful By Jermaine Reed 

Hello my loves,

I had the great pleasure of reading “All Things Beautiful,” a short story written by Jermaine Reed it’s by far an inspiring piece of literature.
All Things Beautiful is about a young writer named Brian, whose passion for writing is short-lived when his job search is coming up short. Desperate for money, he takes on a job as a home care provider and ends up caring for a paralyzed man named Mr. Kovac.

Three months into the job, Brian stumbles on a manila folder labeled “All Things Beautiful” in the attic of Mr. Kovac’s home while dusting. Curious, Brian opens up the unfinished manuscript and begins to read. Unbeknownst to Brian, an hour passes. Mr. Kovac is not happy about Brian’s unexplained absence.

Two more months go by after Brian gathers up the courage to ask stubborn Mr. Kovac about the unfinished manuscript found in the attic. Angered, Mr. Kovac, is still curious of Brian’s opinion. Brian encourages the old man to finish the beautifully written manuscript. However, Mr. Kovac quickly declines.

The next day Brian brings his laptop and persuades Mr. Kovac to tell the story while Brian types. Mr.Kovac gives in and begins to tell his story, few hours go by and finally finished, Mr. Kovac is pleased with the finished results. Once Brian brings up Mr. Kovac’s potential as a successful writer, Mr. Kovac quickly dismisses the idea.

Over the next four months, Mr.Kovac becomes a mentor to Brian by teaching him with creations of Mr. Kovac’s own.
Unfortunately 5 months later, Mr.Kovac passes away, leaving Brian the finished manuscript of “All Things Beautiful”.

I’m looking forward to knowing what Brian is going to do with the manuscript and his writing career now that he worked under Mr.Kovac expertise.
Look out for the full short story at Third Wednesday Magazine during the 2017 spring edition. You guys don’t want to miss this.

In the meantime, I encourage you to go to Jermaine’s blog here to check out more of his riveting short stories and blogging advice.

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XOXO – Aneesha 


Podcast Review | Real Ghost Stories Online

Who here are fans of ghost stories, Hauntings and Unexplainable sightings? I know I am. I’m also a fan of internet radio shows. Who wouldn’t want to be on the go listening to their favorite podcast from any and everywhere? So the great Jenny and Tony put two and two together and created…


Its a Podcast where REAL people from all over can email, make video recording or call in your REAL ghost stories! And it doesn’t stop there. This podcasts talks about hauntings,paranormal, supernatural and much more! It keeps you on your toes and your hairs standing up!

And the great thing about this Podcast is it’s FREE! I mean come on who doesn’t like free things? Or you can Become an EPP for only a monthly fee of $5 a month! You get access to way more scary stories that only EPPs only have access too..

If you have an interest in ghost,ghouls, the afterlife and even big foot sightings this podcast is right for you!
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My … Inspiration

“Children are GREAT imitators, So as parents let’s give them something great to imitate!”

I love reading you guys emails! I love helping people the best to my ability. If it’s just talking,listening or just showing how I care.

Some emails have me smile,laugh and sometimes cry… You never know when someone is at their breaking point and needs one person… Just one, even if it’s a stranger to remind them that they matter!

And you do matter!

I had one email the other day and this young fellow that follows me on Twitter asked me where do I get my inspiration from.. And you know I didn’t have an answer at first. I sat up and thought “Where do I get my inspiration from? My drive to never give up?” And then I hear little feet steps running up to me “mommy mommy mommy! I found Gary!”. It was a nasty ass green slug, and she was referring to Gary from the Animated Television show Spongebob SquarePants on Nickelodeon.
I immediately screamed! (I hate bugs! Let alone a green slimey slug!) I quickly grabbed a paper towel and let the little guy free. Nice comparison Adrienne I said lol and she giggled and ran back outside to more than likely look for “Gary” lol. When I got back to my laptop and looked at the blank email and smiled, I typed back “My kids inspire me.”

When I lost my mother at the age 16 I was a lost soul, I had no guidance and honestly… no one that cared enough to show me, My mother was my everything and God needed her more in heaven. When I got pregnant with my oldest daughter Adrienne.. I was thinking “She needs me, she’s my responsibility, I have to protect her!” My children inspires me to wake up everyday and go to work so they can have a life I had when growing up, if not better! They inspire me to never give up even though it’s the easiest thing to do, they inspire me to fight through all obstacles to get to that finish line. 

If you have children or about to become a parent yourself or even have a little one to look after! They are VERY observant, what you do they will imitate down to the TEE! You don’t have to have children to be labeled as a parent. The love and affection you give a child is priceless!

That’s what inspires me to keep on fighting! My kids .. Adrienne and Carter.


If you guys would like to email me it can be abut ANYTHING I don’t care! I love talking to you guys 🙂 email me at 🙂