4 “Popping” Drugstore Beauty Products of 2017!

Hello my sweets! A new year brings on new opportunities for people in anything they set their mind too. Once you decide you’re ready to go after your dreams, go for it and never stop until your are happy.

Back to the message at hand, This year I vowed I would do what I love this time around and stop wasting time with excuses. As I grew older I grew a found love for any and everything that’s about beauty. For some ladies and gents wearing eyelash extensions and doing a cut crease gives them confidence. And honey! The world is your oyster, may your day be as flawless as your makeup! 

There’s no denying everytime my fiancé and I would  go shopping at our local drugstore (of course before getting dragged away like a little kid getting denied candy by hubby haha) I would go right into the makeup aisle and browse the amazing selections of inexpensive beauty products from anti-wrinkle creams to concealers and makeup tools for a very cheap price. 

The amazing thing about drugstore products is that they’re hundreds of Makeup Dupes on Pinterest of MUAS performing swatches with highend makeup products and find that perfect match to pull off that high end look and still save money. 

For example, ELF and MAC setting spray has the same consistency as one another. It gives your final appearance a matte polished finished and the only difference between the products is the price.

While shopping I have laid my eyes on a few makeup products which made me do a little research of my own on the products that’s supposed to be “popping” in the drugstore aisle of 2017. After watching beauty YouTubers reviews and reading customer feedback, I’m convinced the products listed below are a must have in my makeup bag for 2017.

I have read many reviews all stating the same thing about the matte lipstick by Milani Cosmetics. This matte lipstick comes with amazing pigmented colors and the lipstick stays on all day! You can get it at your local Target or Walgreens for 7.99 or online here.

(Click on picture to go to the owners URL.)

I have found this amazing highlighter by NYX from TatyBeauty a beauty YouTuber while looking to expand my “No Makeup” makeup look. TatyBeauty gives this highlighter a thumbs up if your looking for an inexpensive good quality highlighter. You can get this product at your local Ulta for $8.99 USD!

(Click on picture to go to the owners URL.)


(Click on the picture to go to the owners URL.)

When I was browsing for a new electric facial brush to purchase online for these clogged pores and blackheads, I was over joyed when I ran into the LAVO Giro Cleansing Brush on Amazon. I was skeptical because of the “eyebrow raising” price of  $25.97 USD. However, the customer reviews said otherwise that this facial brush is definitely on the “popping” list of beauty products and facial cleaning brushes. It minimizes pores,removes diets + oils and makes your face feel soft and clean right after.

Also! If you use promotion code “GIRO5OFF” it will take an additional $5.19 USD off the total of the facial brush! Look at that, inexpensive brush and more money in your pocket, sounds like a deal to me!

(Click on the picture to go to the owners URL.)

If you haven’t heard about ColourPop Cosmetics by now I just have one question – Where have you been?! ColourPop Cosmetics are known for their pigmented eyeshadows and of course their eyebrow selections.  Their eyebrow pencils come in a variety of natural colors.

  • Blonde.
  • Honey Blonde.
  • Dope Taupe.
  • Arched Auburn.
  • Red Head.
  • Angin’ Brunette.
  • Black N’ Brown.
  • Jesp

If you want natural looking eyebrows for $5.00 USD, Click here.

I’m excited to see what’s more to come from the beauty industry and this is only the beginning for my beauty journey! Will I try to keep my natural look or will I experience with vibrant colors?

Until next time!

XOX, Aneesha

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Inexpensive Must Have Makeup Brushes!

Hello lovelies! Just recently I have discovered my new found love for makeup and beauty. After watching some of my favorite Beauty YouTubers, I had to upgrade my makeup tools and also not spend a fortune at the same time.

I was on the internet for hours trying to pick and choose between many great options. Yet, I found the Silky 10 piece by Duôrīme Makeup. I was skeptical on purchasing the  eyeshadow brush kit due too – I’ve never heard of this brand before and the brushes we’re crazy cheap, It was a “too good to be true” situation. For only $7.98 USD for a set of 10 brushes I was tempted to hit the “Save Order” button. However, I wanted to say forget it and use MannyMua promo code for guaranteed good quality brushes from Morphe Brushes. After a lot of thinking any thing that helps me save extra money and the brushes are good quality for the price, you have my full attention. I took the risk and purchased the brushes. And I’m thankful I did, These brushes we’re worth the risk!

Every makeup artist on planet Earth always recommend to investing on good quality makeup brushes which is 100 percent correct. Not only does it allow your makeup application to be applied smoothly and easily but it makes your final look appear ten times better!

I was immediately drawn to the small angle brush, It was perfect for applying my NYX Tame & Frame pomade to my eyebrows finishing it with a defined natural look. To my surprise the bristles on the brushes were very soft for the material to be synthetic. But for the price, I’m not complaining!

The eyeshadow brush set comes with, 

  • Small angled brush.  (I Use)
  • Eye Shader.
  • Flat Definer. (I Use)
  • Short Shader.
  • Angled Shading.
  • Tapered Blending. (I Use)
  • Concealer Brush. (I Use)
  • Pencil Brush. (I Use)
  • Lip Brush. (I Use)
  • Eyeliner Brush. (I Use)

I have been using these brushes for a few months and there has been ZERO shedding, the handle is sturdy and the bristles held up well after its washings. And the brushes distribute the product fantastically and apply a lot of pigment to all applied areas. 

If your a beginner on a budget looking for inexpensive starter eyeshadow brushes to add to your beauty tools or for when traveling away from home, I highly recommend giving these brushes a try here!

Until next time! 



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Makeup Products I’ll Always Repurchase

I tend to switch up things from time to time when it comes to my makeup routine. One year I’m wearing a face full of makeup and the next year I’m wearing no makeup at all. However, After a few years of wearing makeup and watching makeup tutorials on YouTube. I found the holy grail items that I use for my “everyday” makeup look.  The following products not only do the job, But they’re all affordable and can be found in your local beauty supply store.And of course I have to share these amazing products so you can try them out yourself!

1.) LA Girl HD Pro Concealer | This is my favorite concealer of all time! I discovered this product while watching makeup guru  Aaliyah Jay applying the product during one of her makeup tutorial. This product is inexpensive and applies on smoothly with or without foundation. It has GREAT coverage, and it varies in all different shades. 

2.)  NYX Tame & Frame Tinted Brow Pomade | I’ll be the first to admit I barely have any eyebrows, So finding a product that doesn’t look harsh on my face was a task. But This product makes my eyebrows look very natural. You would never think I have any product on my brows unless I tell you. This fabulous product comes in many natural shades for everyone to use. Definitely worth buying for only $6.99.

3.) Maybelline Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara | The name fits perfectly for this mascara “falsies”, Maybelline has done it this time with this “false eyelashes in a bottle” product. It makes your eyelashes POP and appear longer and thicker with just one or two coats. 

4.) NYX HD Translucent Photogenic Setting Powder | This is another tip I’ve learned from Aaliyah Jay by watching her tutorials. After applying concealer and/or highlighter, Applying this product on top for about 10 seconds gives your face a natural glow in any lighting. I don’t go anywhere without setting my makeup. And it’s great for oily skin. 

5.) NYX Lip Lingerie Lipstick | The color that I use is beauty mark and This product makes my lips look amazing, Full and scrumptious. Applying NYX Lip Pencil in the color dark brown. Completes my lips with a cute color that’s perfect for the Autumn season  and goes great with any outfit.

These are the 5 products hat I apply everyday that always do my face justice for any occasion.

What are your makeup products you can’t seem to separate from? Comment Below!

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Rouge Louboutin Lipstick Review

Let’s talk about one of the worlds legends in beauty products and cosmetics! Christian Louboutin, He has done it again with his Rouge Louboutin lipstick collection, That has the most beautiful shades I’ve ever seen, such as silky satin, velvet matte and sheer viole perfect for the fall/autumn weather.

I picked up the shade “velvet matte” while shopping at my local mall and fell in love. It’s a beautiful red color, That gives a classy finish to any look. The lipstick is very easy to apply, and does not give your lips and dry look while applying . Another thing that I love about this lipstick is the stability, I normally have to apply my lipstick every 2 to 3 hours, I was able to enjoy my night without having my face in a mirror 24/7 to reapply my lipstick for atleast 4 to 5 hours.

This shade is perfect for date night, the night out with the girls or even for a classy/formal event.

This high end product came to a total of $65 – And it was worth the buy. You get your money’s worth and the beautiful tube the product comes in catches your eyes with ease. 

If you need a perfect red lipstick that enriched with amazing ingredients, I definitely recommend this product!

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How To Organize Makeup Bag

A few months ago I’ve been very interested in learning how to do makeup. I’ve been watching makeup tutorials on YouTube and practicing on myself and others. But, Not to toot my own horn, But my skills has improved drastically for the better. However, Along with learning how to apply makeup; Is purchasing beauty products you may or may not like or the beauty brushes to apply the product correctly – Which cause your makeup bag, Drawer or vanity to become cluttered with expired, unused beauty products and along with your favorites that are hidden.

My makeup bag looks so much neat and organized after cleaning and sorting my makeup stash. Since this was such a helpful and time-saving process for me, I figured why not share my tips on how to properly clean your makeup collection and get everything organized for easy access to your everyday makeup routine.


  • Gather all your makeup in one spot before starting.
  • Gather your makeup into piles, A pile that you’re keeping,undecided,donate or throw away.
  • Make sure you’re completely honest with yourself during this sorting process, If you haven’t worn a blush or concealer because of the shade, Donate it to someone who will use it so the product don’t go to waste.
  • For the products your undecided on, Store them away in an storage area that’s not wet or damp, Whenever you have the perfect outfit or event and that product will go great for good use, Pull it out and rock it.
  • Throw away expired and older products first, When sorting through the beauty products you are keeping, It will be much easier to organize with the older ones out of the way.

  • Pick a clean space to keep all your beauty products stored so that it’s easy to have easy access.
  • If you have just a bag to keep your makeup organized, Find a bag with compartments for your brushes, lipstick, moisturizer etc. If you have more space like a vanity or drawer, Invest in boxes,containers and/or boxes to store your makeup. There are great DIY Crafts for decorating containers and boxes on Pinterest.
  • Organize your makeup by product, Keep your liquid foundation in one drawer and your lipstick in another etc. If you’re in a hurry to get out the door, You know where to find that specific makeup product with no problem.
  • Keep your favorites products that is use for everyday use in the frontto have quick access.
  • If you have duplicates, Keep your favorite one out and store the other one away so it won’t be forgotten.

Organizing my makeup collection was the best thing I can do to make my morning and makeup routine smoother. I think I’m going to repeat this process every 3 to 6 months, Just to keep my makeup stash under control. I’ll know which products I need to repurchase because I’m running out and products not to buy because I have two of the same products at home.

How do you organize your makeup collection? Comment below!

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