5 Inspirational Quotes that Motivates You to Take Action!

Hello lovelies,

Lately I have been feeling so inspired, I want it to rub it off on as much people as possible! 

Then the “good idea” alarm was going off in my head.

Each month I’ll be posting an article that features inspirational posts to remind you that you can do it and you can get through whatever obstacles that’s in your way. 

I hope this new series inspire you all to get up, take actions and follow your dreams!

We all go through days where we we’re not in the happiest of moods or feeling like ourselves. Feelings of:

  • Laziness..
  • Feeling cranky/irritable.
  • Want to be alone.
  • Avoid others.

Whatever the reason may be, we all go through random “bad” days with no explanation why. Whenever I wasn’t feeling myself, I use to read inspiration quotes on Pinterest or online that would motivate me to get up, be productive and not waste the day ahead.

“Time is very precious, it’s one thing we don’t get back once it’s gone. Use it to your advantage!”

                               – Aneesha Monae

I came across 5 inspirational quotes on Pinterest (I do not own) that motivated me get through the roughest of days, even when I thought I couldn’t. I hope these quotes help you all like it’s helped me!

1.) The Best Project you’ll ever work on is you! 

This quote is very accurate, when my mom passed away when I was 16 years old. I was positive I was going to go spiraling out of control (The teenage way of venting). However, with the unexpected pregnancy of my daughter in 2012 (Check it out the story here). I was determined to change for the better, for my daughter and for myself. I’m still a work in progress, I’ll never stop growing myself. And you shouldn’t either!

2.) They said “Be the person you needed as a kid.” This honestly changed me into who I am today.

When I was a kid my mom had to work a lot to take care of my siblings and I and with a total of 4 of us, my mom had to work a lot of overtime. Of course I was a kid and never understood why she was away all the time. Yet, my mom sacrificed all her time at work so my siblings and I can have any and everything we ever wanted. And for that I look at her as a superhero. No matter how exhausted,sick or frustrated she was. She got up and did it.

3.) You cannot hang out with negative people and expect to live a positive life.

Before I became a mom I was considered “popular” in high school. After I gave birth to my daughter is another story as to what had happened to the missing 20 friends I had (lol). All the friends I thought would be there during the most memberable but terrifying moment of my life, vanished without a trace just poof. However I had to sit down and think, Did I want that type of environment around my child? The negativity? The selfishness? Absolutely not, It’s their loss. 🙂

4.) It wasn’t a waste of time if you learned something from it.

This quote is my favorite. One of my blog’s goals for 2017 was for me to collaborate with other bloggers and be more social. However, since I’m a small/beginner blogger I need more experience and projects to bring to the table before discussing commission. Even though a reward would be nice, the experience and knowledge I learn along the way with these amazing bloggers and entrepreneurs will always be priceless in my book.

5.) When you feel like quitting think about why you started!

I’m a full time working (phlebotomist) mom but I love to write as a hobby. After a long work day I find it difficult to even write, let alone pick up a pen when I have a screaming 1 year old from teething and a 4 year old diva sneaking into my makeup bag. However, seeing people that are just like me become successful writers and bloggers inspires me that it can indeed happen. Don’t give up, with hardworking and dedication it can happen!

Do you have any quotes that helps you get through a rough day? Comment them below!

Until next time!

XOXO- Aneesha

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Self Love: What’s Atelphobia and How to Relieve it? 

Hello my loves! It’s the beginning of the New Year and I’m starting this year with a clean slate. I’m wiping my hands clean of any problems, stress or worries that I had in 2016 that I wasn’t able to resolve. Those problems are where they belong, in the past. I’m making 2017 my mission to grow as a person from inside out and sprout a better version of me.

One problem I always faced while growing up (especially in high school) is fear of not being good enough and of course there’s a word for it –Atelphobia. I was shy and no one wanted to be my friend, My self esteem was ruined before it even started and there’s no worse feeling of being forced to be alone. I was confined to a pen and a piece of paper every lunch period and vent my thoughts and emotions until my hands started to cramp. And ever since then, I haven’t been able to stop. Not everyone has the same passion of writing as me, So how can one relieve the feeling of atelphobia?
How can you get over the feeling of not being good enough? 

Let me be he first to tell you.. You ARE good enough! We’re all human and no one is perfect. Don’t let shame stop you from loving myself. Imperfection is apart of being human.

Over the past 5 years I have practiced meditation, prayers, affirmations and even detox cleansing. I was determined to love myself. However, to love yourself it’s not something you have to go buy at the store or research on the internet. I had made a commitment to follow when I felt unsure about my self that I hope helps someone like it helped me. 

  1. Look in the mirror and tell yourself your beautiful and mean it.
  2. Accept who you are.
  3. Release all feelings of self-hate.
  4. Replace negative words with positive ones.
  5. Be patient with yourself.
  6. Treat yourself with respect.
  7. Love yourself to the best of your ability.
  8. Forgive your mistakes you done in the past.
  9. Be your biggest fan.
  10. Not worry about what others think of you.
  11. Never compare yourself to others.
  12. You’re worthy of great things!
  13. Make yourself a priority.
  14. Write why your happy list, 
  15. Pamper yourself once in awhile.

Practicing self care is always beneficial as well to your mental and physical health and you can find out to improve your self care here!

I also found 5 inspiring quotes that promotes Self Love that helped me when I was feeling ashamed of myself and I want to share them with you too!

(Quotes credited by member of Pinterest)

Mala Collective


Spirituality, Intuition & Healing

Albion Fit

Jenn at Affirmation & Calendar 2017

Don’t rely on someone else for happiness Everything you need your courage, love, compassion and everything else is already within you. You owe yourself that love that you give everyone but don’t receive in return. 

Regardless of how anyone feels about you choose to be happy and love yourself each and every day!



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Epic Fail: How My FiancĂ© Ruined A Wedding That We’re Still Planning.

Hello lovelies! Whats suppose to be the happiest day of every woman’s life had turned to be a living nightmare for mine. If you weren’t aware, my now fiancĂ© and father of both my kids had done the number one rule to every relationship that’s a big no-no. He opened the door to  infidelity, he performed adultery! A.K.A he cheated. My high school sweetheart and the man of my dreams had done the unthinkable to me. He betrayed my trust and did the unimaginable, informed me there was a baby on the way and wants to be apart of his/her life. Let’s just say my stomach fell into my ass when I heard that news and almost 3 years later, I still catch myself thinking about what he has done. Something always triggers me to go back to those unhappy days, and I refuse to go back!

Planning a wedding while having these non stop thoughts and misleading views in my head was putting me in a negative space. I didn’t want to be around family, friends and I didn’t want to do the one thing I enjoy doing on my free time, blogging. I had to stop and ask myself.

  1. Is it fair  I’m marrying a man and I haven’t forgave him for his cheating past?
  2. Is it fair to me that I’m allowing myself to distance myself from everything and everyone I love just to “cope” with his unfortunate painful mistake?

We sat down and talked about it and he expressed his sorrows immensely and I threw my show at him – just kidding, in my head I did. And I couldn’t help but to look and see how much he meant it, seeing the sadness in his eyes made me want to forgive him. Yes, I did love him and I still wanted to be with him. But I expressed my disapproval of getting married – so soon. 

He took the news bad, But he said “As long as it’s not a no, he’s happy.” he will always wait for me. My family gave me the side eye when my fiancĂ© and I entered a room and I would hear a few whispers and giggles around our couples friends. But I didn’t care because I was happy and that’s all that mattered. We’re only human, we’re going to make mistakes. As long as the same mistake doesn’t get repeated twice then a happy wife equals a happy life. It’s going to take me awhile to trust my fiancĂ© fully. But each day we’re a step closer.

Until next time!

 Be bold be great be you!



If you interested in what steps I took to over come my fiancĂ©s infidelity, Check it out here At Never Again Ministries by Shon Hyneman.

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The Art of Letting It Go

There has been time and time again my kindness has been taken advantage of, And I finally got to a point I’m tired of it! I love helping people always has and always will. However, Using me just because you know I’ll say yes is very cruel and spiteful. But it’s okay, I’m sorry your were born with an ugly personality, sorry you have to pick on others to make yourself feel superior and sorry that you just have a cold heart.
I forgive you. No person can change who I am. Yes, I’ll be upset for a few hours but I will get over it, Because that’s who I am as a person and dwelling on the past just isn’t my cup of tea. Forgiving people is apart of life, If you hold a grudge it will eat you up trying to get even with that individual. Let it go, You will feel so much better under the sunshine and rainbows while that person is in the dark clouds and rain. Remember misery loves company, Don’t join them.



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What to Do When You’re Just Not Motivated 

Hello lovelies!

 A lot of people ask me to teach them my method on how to stay motivated through stressful situations. Honestly my answer never change, Either you want something badly enough to work hard to get it or You’re okay with it slipping through your fingertips. I can’t tell you what to do to stay motivated, However, you can inspire yourself to want to chase your dreams to want to stay motivated on your own.

The trick to getting inspired is to push your limits and step outside of your comfort zone. Many people aren’t inspired to exceed more in life, because they have grown comfort with their everyday lives they grown accustomed too. To become inspired, Seek new experiences that will open up more opportunities for you to expand and grow. Once you find something that lights the fire to motivates you to keep going, Don’t burn out the fire or allow anyone else to die it out either!

Take control of your actions and responsibilities, you’ll be happy once you start! Remove all distractions, There’s nothing more distracting than having the notifications to your phone going off or people constantly interrupting you.

  •  Shut down all your apps that send notifications to your phone.
  •  Turn off your tv or anything that can cause you to look away from your project.
  • keen your door shut until everything is completed . 

As for the people knocking on your door, Politely ask them to come back in a few hours so you can complete your work, They should have no problem understanding.
Plan, Now that you’ve eliminated your distractions, Your mind should be clear of all stress triggers. Sit down and map out your plan for the nights ahead, to know exactly what needs to be completed and when. Remember to take realistic approaches so you don’t become overwhelmed and not finish at all.

Believe in yourself, Even when you don’t not, your a champion! Remain true to your beliefs and values. You can do it.

This isn’t permanent, Understand that what your going through is common and happens during everyday life (it’s normal). When you’re on the verge of giving up,  Remember you aren’t the only one that wanted to throw in the towel. We’ve all been there and done that but honestly, it probably won’t be our last time feeling this way again. 

Just because we feel down now doesn’t mean we’ll feel down forever. It’s only temporary.

Make positive changes so that it can reflect the change on your attitude to want to do better. If you want to improve your mood and attitude on life, You have to take the appropriate steps to get there. And adjusting a bad attitude is a good start.

Sometimes life deals us things we don’t really want, However looking at things that is worth living and make us smile are most valuable things to remember. Always ask yourself what are you grateful for? And remember it can be much worse.
Until Next time!

XOXO – Aneesha

How to Get Rid Of Lazy Habits

Procrastination is a common and a real issue amongst adolescents and young adults. Laziness that affects certain parts of your life is a habit that can affect your chances from achieving your short and long term goals, In school/work, in a relationship any other purposeful life events.

Learning to do task without having motivation is an important skill. Most people can’t begin a task unless they have motivation, Which promotes laziness. However, If you can teach yourself to get stuff done with or without motivation you can overcome laziness and procrastination.

 Quitting is often confused for laziness but there’s a huge difference. Quitters fear failure for not living up to everyone’s expectations. The key is not to have excuses, Excuses enables laziness.  Question all your excuses and ask are they valid. Also see what can you do to overcome this habit and still get the job done?
Until next time!



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Learn To Believe in Yourself 

Many of us wants more than life can offer us – Better health, happiness and wealth. Yet, only a few people get to meet their expectations during their lifetime. With the main reason why one doesn’t is because of excuses. An excuse is anything to justify not completing the task you set out for yourself to complete. Many people fail to achieve their goals/dreams/expectations by telling themselves, they don’t have to be “successful” to reach their goals. Incorrect, definition of success is the accomplishment of your purpose. Success is defined to meet your expectations, if you set out a goal to lose 20 pounds and you lost 30 pounds – you’re successful for achieving that goal. Work hard and it will pay off. 

Eliminate all your imposed fears and worries, and simply increase prosperity,productivity and happiness with a decline in problems. There should be more room for positive vibes, resources and energy to grow an improved version of yourself.

Do something worth believing in, Keep creating small goals and make a honest effort to achieve them, And a huge difference in work ethic will show profusely. Remain honest with yourself, even when no one is watching!

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How to Practice Self-Care Like a PRO

Hello lovelies! In our everyday lives we tend to get caught up in our daily responsibilities, personal life and things that cause a huge amount of stress. But, One thing that most find as a challenge, is slowing down. Pay attention to your body and practice self-care. Simple right? Yet, How does one practice self-care? 

Does any of the questions apply to you?

  1. Always feel restless and cranky?
  2. Always feeling moody and irritable?
  3. Lack of motivation to complete a task?

Literally all 3 questions applied to me after I gave birth to my son in December of 2015. While trying to adjust to being a young mother of two young children for the first year of Carter’s life, I’ve found it extremely difficult to get up in the morning without hitting the snooze button atleast 10 times first. And then it hit me, I don’t have anything exciting to wake up to in the morning, My morning routine was filled with poopy diapers, under-eye bags and little to no sleep. My routine was no longer cutting it and luckily I’ve tried a few methods that gets me up before the alarm and improves my health and morning routine! Killing 3 birds with one stone type of deal going on here.

Here’s my tips to improve self-care

  1. Set aside time– It’s very important to give yourself quality alone time. And I mean by yourself, No kids, spouse, no pets no one. Use this time to clear your thoughts and detox after a stressful day.
  2. Journal/Diary– Writing out my worries and/or frustration was a great way to lay “everything” out on the table. It doesn’t take long to rant for 10 minutes on a piece of paper to feel mentally better.
  3. Pamper yourself– Have a mini pamper session to release all the toxins from the rough day you had. Get a massage,manicure or taking a long bath. Anything that will bring your stress level down to 0.
  4. Something you enjoy– It could be exercise, baking or any other physical activity. Anything that will keep your attention focused on what you enjoy, rather than the stress-filled day.
  5. Grateful List– Everytime I’m feeling blue, I always make a list of things I’m grateful for and that money can’t buy. Once I read over what I wrote, It makes me forget about the bad day I had and focus on what truly matters.
  6. Get dressed up– For no reason at all, just dress yourself in your favorite/best attire. There were some days I would come home feeling defeated. I would take a glimpse of my makeup bag and closet and went right into character. Making myself appear beautiful with cosmetics always put a smile on my face after a bad day.
  7. Prepare your favorite meal– After a long eventful day, Going home to prepare your favorite meal always make anyone’s mood shift for the better. Not only does it have something to look forward too but it also make sure your eating proper amount of meals throughout day.
  8. Write a list of your goals(My Favorite)- Remind yourself this feeling is only temporary. Right down your goals to remind yourself, you haven’t achieved them yet and to get your butt up and get stuff accomplished.
  9. Ask for help– I’ll admit this one can be the hardest on the list to complete. If your similar to me, I have a lot of pride. And asking for help seemed like I couldn’t get stuff done alone. It’s okay to ask for help! Put your pride aside and get the offered help.

All these methods has personally worked for me to get up in the morning and be productive. Give it a go and let me know in the comments which methods worked for you and what methods would you like to add. Until next time loves!



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Useful Habits of a Productive Person

Hello lovelies, Everyone has their own methods for initiating productivity in their everyday life. We all have strengths and weaknesses in areas that others thrive in.  Yet, Why do we practice the habits of being a productive individual anyway?

The job title and duties has nothing to do with ones work ethic. A true productive persons goal aren’t to see who can do the most work – But the opposite, whom can do it accurately. Productivity is how you manage yourself as a person and selectively practicing certain habits to improve the older version of yourself.

As someone that takes pride in productivity, I have discovered and adjusted these essential habits in my everyday routine and boosted my productivity completely! And I want to share these easy habits.

  • Habit 1: Plan A Day Ahead- Effective people know what they need and want before the day ends and start. Having a set goal to complete for the following day, Gives you a well thought out reason to tackle each goal with 100 percent.
  • Habit 2: Eat Healthy and Regularly– We get our energy from the food we consume throughout the day. Pay attention to the way your body reacts to nutritional food and water once the junk food and caffeine drinks is cut from your diet. You quickly notice results in skin, hair, energy and best of all, confidence.
  • Habit 3: Failure is a learning experience– We’re not going to win every chance we have. Understanding to accept defeat as a learning experience can have the individual grow internally, And view failure as an opportunity to educate and go back and try again.
  • Habit 4: Say No to Multitasking– I always thought getting everything done before your shift meant you’re productive. Wrong, When I received angry emails of paperwork getting declined I realized, I wasn’t performing my job effectively. Once I did my work duties one at a time, My paperwork was excelling. Don’t rush.
  • Habit 5: Be An Optimistic– Focusing  on the brighter side of the things makes the day go by smoothly and positively. No it won’t be bright and sunny everyday, But learning to be optimistic throughout a stressful situation is a great skill to have.
  • Habit 6: Organize work area– Papers and folders all over your work area doesn’t scream productivity. The clutter doesn’t mean your lazy, However it stalls the work that needs to be done, which slows you down. When working in a organized workplace, you’re more focus on getting the job done than the distractions of the clutter.

After so many attempts of getting my workload completed just for it to get rejected made me finally understand it’s not about how much work is done, But how efficiently it was completed. And that also goes for exercising, Eating healthy etc.

Its up to you which one you want to adopt in your daily lifestyle.

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The Art of Not Giving a Damn

Hello lovelies, Who’s guilty of tip-toeing their way through life by only doing things to please others and just overall caring what other people think of us? I know I’m guilty of it.

We accept that everyone got the daily memo “Accept how things are or make your life hell”. Eventually we don’t even notice our actions, appearance and even our lives become transformed by how others views us.

It’s exhausting and terrible to live the ideal life of what others want us to live. It has to stop! It’s impossible to live up to everyone’s expectations. There will always be unsatisfied people in this world, No matter how kind we treat them – They will always judge us for all the things we do. Change our hair, Get a promotion or even using the restroom. We can never stop people from judging us, But what we we can do is, Stop it from affecting us.

You’re going to come across people that aren’t going to have the same views as you. So why no express how you truly feel? What’s the worse that can happen if you stand up for what we believe in? Maybe they will change a new leaf and have some knowledge on a topic or absolutely nothing will happen. Because you stood your ground, Regardless if they agree or disagree. As long as you set your point across with no issues, That’s all that matters.

The world is filled with people that reads their daily memo and deal with it, And then there’s people like us that’s going to make a difference! Start living the way you want, Stand up for what you believe in and lastly be fearless



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