I’m Turning 22… Now What?

 I’ll be turning 22 in 3 months, 17 days, 6 hours and 50 minutes and counting.

Why is accepting that I’m getting older a hard pill to swallow? Is it the gray hair? Death? Wrinkles? Or there’s a 50/50 chance I’ll poo my pants if I laugh to hard? Haha Whatever the answer may be, I wish I can find the fountain of youth and go scuba diving all through it and stay young and alive forever! Wouldn’t that be cool?!

Turning 21 is a huge celebration for teenagers upgrading to adults. But what happens once you turn 22?

When I was 10 years old I use to sit at the top of my bunk bed and daydream for hours on how I wanted to be rich lawyer that own a law firm. By the age of 21 I thought I would have achieved a lot by now, degree in some sort, Traveled to atleast 25% of the U.S. and own a business. I had very high expectations for myself as a kid, Yet as I got older my childhood dreams of becoming a lawyer and owning a law firm became a vague memory.

Nonetheless, This isn’t the end of the world. Life isn’t a movie where there is a script or a retake. You can change the ending and title to your “movie” however you want it. You have to take the steps to get to achieve those goals plus more.

Even though 22 isn’t something you shot to the mountain tops over. However, this year will be my year to step out from the crowd, walk my own path and find my own destiny without no guidance and just follow my gut instinct!

Until next time!

XOX Aneesha 

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