How To Achieve Balance In Your Life.

Hello my loves, Balance is something that  some of us struggle to work on the daily basis. Trying to balance between career, family, health, hobbies, personal time and home care is not easy; and some find reasons to not complete the task altogether which enhances lazy habits.

Once you achieve balance in your life you will feel better mentally, physically and spiritually. And you will begin to feel better about yourself and the life you currently have and the people that are in it.

I have discovered 4 easy and adjustable tips that not only made me feel better as a person but look at life in a positive light. My routine became light and easy in all aspects in my life once I adopted these easy tips and I want to share them with you! 

We will all probably hear this saying over a million times during our lifetimes. “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” and that statement is 100% true. After becoming a mother of two, I would rush out the door and completely forget to grab a bite to eat to avoid the kids being late to daycare and me being late to work. We receive energy from our food and of course when we wake up in the morning our energy meter is at a zero. Taking 10 minutes out of your morning to prepare a delicious “beneficial”breakfast promotes productivity and time management skills. You will thank yourself when your not dragging your feet throughout the day once you adopt this habit.

It’s always important to never overwork yourself. Set aside things that needs to be done immediately and neatly put away the other items that can wait a few days.  Priorities tend to change over time so adjust accordingly to the change. Once I became a mom my fiancé, family, career, overall health and my home became my top priorities. You’re the only one that knows what needs worked on in your life and what doesn’t, Make time to complete your tasks.

It’s very important to take care of your health. Improving your health will make you feel better physically and your mind will be more clear and have more clarity which will improve your mental health. Don’t ever take your health for granted, Instead invest in your health to improve it. You can,

  • Exercise.
  • Go for a jog or walk.
  • Eating nutritional food.
  • Drink more water.
  • Don’t stress. (Better said than done, I know.)
  • Get a good night rest.
  • Dieting.

Without our health, we wouldn’t be able to perform the daily tasks that needs to be completed and our lives would really be unbalanced then.

I suffer from this problem at my work place daily. Getting disciplined for not turning my paperwork in before the deadline made me feel discouraged and worthless. Finally I came to the conclusion, I will shut my office door and organize everything by priority and barricade myself until it’s complete. And reward myself later by accompanying my co-workers with much needed adult conversation. It won’t be easy, but do your best to block out all distractions and I promise your work shift will go by much smoothly and you will feel more motivated.

Take time everyday to improving balance in your life or others around you. You will be more positive and satisfied with yourself and your lifestyle.



What helps you balance your lifestyle? Please let us know!

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