Hit or Miss: Kylie Jenner “Dark of Knight” Lip Kit Review

Hello lovelies! Kylie Jenner’s new makeup collection Kylie Cosmetics has been a huge hit since it came out to the public in the early 2016. It was impossible to get your hands on the product due to it being sold out in a mere 10 minutes. 

After a few months I gave up getting my hands on the “2016 Favorite matte lipstick”. Until one day I seen a give away from one of my favorite bloggers with the prize being Kylie Lip Kit. Thinking to myself my chances of winning are slim to none since I’m Queen Unluck, I said why not and checked the requirements to enter. Let’s just say I’m grateful I have a “Why not go for it” attitude.

When my fiancé handed me a package on Christmas morning from my girl over at Melanin Mommie, I knew exactly what was in the package. My giveaway prize Kylie Jenner “Dark of Knight” Lip Kit! 

I won! Wooo hooo! I never win anything, You guys should of have seen all the 90’s dance moves I was busting out near the Christmas tree lol.

When I opened the package of course was greeted by a lovely “Merry Christmas” letter from my girl @JustLynn_ (Your Amazing Hun!) and the holy grail of matte lipstick! The Kylie Lip Kit, I couldn’t wait to try it on.

I was immediately sold when I noticed a lip pencil also came with the lipstick, Every woman that’s involved with makeup or beauty knows the struggle when you find the perfect lipstick but can’t find the lip liner! I was instantly ecstatic, I was able to easily outline my lips and with only ONE shade, I was able to satisfy my makeup needs. But wait, no  flakes or over drying? I was waiting for the matte lipstick to show me some type of flaw but surprisingly, I was proved to be wrong. 

The lipstick applied beautifully to my lips and gave them a sexy definition. Immediately after applying the liquid sensation it felt as if I didn’t have anything on my lips at all. After 2-3 hours I would check my makeup to do any touch ups but my lipstick looked the same as it did when I applied it. 

 I stayed away from matte lipstick because even though you get a defined neat look, it’s tough to get off! Using 2 to 3 wipes just to remove makeup from your lips can cause one a lot of money. KLK I was able to remove my matte lipstick with one wipe and no problem. I felt like I was watching a magician perform a disappearing act right before my eyes.

Dark of Knight gave me a confident alluring look, that gave me the appearance and attitude of someone that demand respect.

If your looking for a bad ass, night out in the city look. You definitely want to give this lipstick a go!

Until next time!



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