15 Things That Make Me Happy

After becoming a working full time mother I’ve came to the conclusion, I only focus on things that stress me out and make me anxious. Rather than focus all my attention on things that brings me and others around me happiness. This is why I’m so excited to participate in the 15 Things That Make Me Happy and also want you guys to participate!

  1. My Family | Especially my children. Who I will go to the moon and back for. They mean the absolute world to me.
  2. My Fiancé | He’s my best friend, He’s my high school sweetheart and my better half. He’s devoted to our family and very hard-working. 
  3. Candles or Incense | I love scented candles and incense! It brings my nerves all the way down to a minimum. And makes my home smell wonderful!
  4. New Makeup | I’ve just recently started wearing makeup since the beginning of 2015 and I’ll be the first to say I’m hooked on my favorite product, NYX HD Setting Powder in translucent. Gives my face a natural glow that suitable for any event. 
  5. Red Nail Polish | When it comes to getting my nails and toes done, red is the go-to color for me. And it goes well with any occasion.
  6. Reading | There’s nothing more relaxing than reading a good, and I mean a GOOD book! The book you refuse to put down once you started reading it and drinking a cold glass of wine. Very soothing.
  7. My Dog | His name is Nikko ( Neek- Ko) I consider him my baby brother.. well big brother if we want to count dog years. He’s 84 in dog years.
  8. Holidays | Who doesn’t love Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Halloween or Valentines Day?! Being around family and friends on a special holiday is a perfect time to make memories with your loved ones.
  9. Blogging | Of course blogging was gong to be on the list, Blogging is like second nature to me and I enjoy doing it. It brings me such inner happiness.
  10. Writing in my Journal | Writing daily in my journal was a great way to express my feelings without having to open my mouth. My pen was my oyster, And it wrote every vivid detail on any sheet of paper I got my hands on.
  11. Sleep | I Love Sleep. After becoming a mother to two young children my sleeping days are over, For now atleast. When I do have the chance to take a power nap I take it with no hesitation.
  12. Watching Funny Tv Shows/Movies |Nothing  brings me happiness than a comedy movie or show. One of my favorite shows to watch now that is available to watch on TruTv is Impractical Jokers. Hilarous show about 4 best friends that play jokes on one another until someone lose. It will have you laughing until tears are coming out and until you sides ache! 
  13. My Sister | My oldest sister is one of the most important people in my life after losing my mother back in 2011. She’s my best friend and supporter through any and everything with no questions ask.
  14. Tacos | If you have no clue what to get me, Tacos is the route to go! It’s easy and cheap to make and just plain delicious.
  15. Autumn/Fall | Autumn is my favorite seasons. All the holidays, cool weather, Hot chocolate and laying under the covers watch a good movie.

Until next time!

Be Bold. Be Brave. Be You

What are things that make you happy? Comment them below! I look forward to seeing what things makes you happy!

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