The Art of Letting It Go

There has been time and time again my kindness has been taken advantage of, And I finally got to a point I’m tired of it! I love helping people always has and always will. However, Using me just because you know I’ll say yes is very cruel and spiteful. But it’s okay, I’m sorry your were born with an ugly personality, sorry you have to pick on others to make yourself feel superior and sorry that you just have a cold heart.
I forgive you. No person can change who I am. Yes, I’ll be upset for a few hours but I will get over it, Because that’s who I am as a person and dwelling on the past just isn’t my cup of tea. Forgiving people is apart of life, If you hold a grudge it will eat you up trying to get even with that individual. Let it go, You will feel so much better under the sunshine and rainbows while that person is in the dark clouds and rain. Remember misery loves company, Don’t join them.



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13 thoughts on “The Art of Letting It Go

  1. Hi AM, thanks for following me. This morning I was thinking to myself how I had had it with ungrateful people in my life… I was toying with the idea of of doing a blog on “She turned out so ungrateful I ended up being grateful for that”… simple, a ‘friend’s’ numerous ungratefulness has convinced once and for all it’s long over due I ex her… and am not accepting to bear any grudge for the reasons you share 🙂

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    • Thank you for reading :), It such a heavy weight holding a grudge. It just makes us come out of character when we turn that way. Learning to let it go and being happy is what miserable people hate the most. I hope they put their pride away and join us on the optimistic side.❤️

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