Stomach Cancer Scare: My Worrisome Procedure with the Gastroenterologist 

I knew I was afraid of being sedated but it felt as if I was standing outside my body, watching myself look at the reflection I seen before me. The day already started off unusual for me – I had an appointment to get an Upper gastrointestinal endoscopy performed at 9:30am that morning and I had to fast for 12 miserable hours! No food or drink, not even water for 12 hours. I repeatedly asked God what did I do to deserve this, Couldn’t even eat my favorite “nerves calming” chocolate chip pancakes before this traumatic moment I’m about to experience. A young “overall healthy” woman has to get a upper scope to find the cause of my 15 pound weight loss in a matter of a week and why I was vomiting blood. 

I’ve been eating hot and spicy foods for as long as I can remember – Hot cheetos to be specific and I think after almost 15 plus years of eating them delicious spicy food, It finally took a toll on my stomach.

It was an agony 42 minutes to get to the hospital and the sick feeling I was experiencing wasn’t trying to leave the pit of my stomach. My fiancé and I finally arrived to the G.I lab after getting lost for additional 10 minutes, Luckily I decided to arrive to my appointment an hour early! (Take that my lack of directions!) 

The staff was very nice which made my anxiety meter go from 9 to a 5. I had to be accompanied with a driver due to me being sedated for the procedure and the drugs would have to wean off. They gave my fiancé an alarm that will set off in four different colors to keep him updated during my procedure.

  • Pink: Waiting Room
  • Light Green: Pre-Procedure Room
  • Dark Green: Procedure Room
  • Red: Recovery Room

Pink: Waiting Room / Light Green: Pre-Procedure Room

I proceeded to follow the nurse back to a room full of other patients also receiving procedures, from colonoscopy to arthroscopy. The nurse gave me two bags to put my items in, 2 hospital gowns and a IV of saline in my right hand while I waited to get the procedure done. I tossed and turned the entire time in my hospital bed, watching as the technicians would roll each patient out the room to get their procedure done to never see them again (dun dun dun) lol just kidding. Finally after an hour and 36 minutes a male technician proceeded with questions of my patient demographics and proceeded me to the procedure room.

Dark Green: Procedure Room

The technician was preparing me for what was ahead, asking me “Have I ever had a procedure done?” And “What were my symptoms?” After explaining I have been puking up blood and fainting on my coworkers for the past week in a half, I hope this procedure get the answers I need. He then proceeded to spray my mouth with a spray that will numb my gag reflex so that the camera can safely go down my throat. He told me to hold my breath and sprayed, He definitely didn’t warn me, because I could of sworn he got my tongue instead the back of my mouth. I asked to repeat the process but he insisted he had the right area affected with the medication, He then placed a mouth guard into my mouth that would keep my mouth open during the procedure. It was very uncomfortable, I kept thinking in my head “How do people find this kinky during intercourse?” Laughing in my head the technician interrupted my thoughts by telling me to drool on the paper towel – Gross! But of course I obeyed his orders. I felt like defenseless drooling all over that towel and the mouth guard made it impossible to stop the drooling if I wanted too. The specialist to perform the procedure greeted me with a wide bright smile and stated “If there’s something wrong on the inside, I’m going to find it.” I felt in great hands at that moment, and my anxiety meter went all the way to 1. She proceeded to check my vitals and started to put the sedatives into my IV. I didn’t like this feeling at all, My breathing began to slow down and my vision began to blur. It felt as if I worked 5 twelve hour shifts with zero sleep and I’ve been living off of Red Bull and coffee! AKA the sedatives we’re working. And in 1 second, Everything went black. I recalled the doctor either feeding the tube into my mouth or trying to take it out, However, of course I began to panic (I had a tube in my throat!) and made an attempt to swallow the tube (as if that would help me.) and all I remember the male technician yelling “She’s awoke!” And I went back out.

Red: Recovery Room

After gaining consciousness, the male technician proceeded to roll me out into the rocvery room where all the patients I thought I would never see again reside. He proceeded to tell me the doctor would be out shortly to explain what she has found during the procedure. Accompanied by my fiancé at this time, We we’re both alarmed and afraid. “What did she find?” “Can it be fixed?” I was offered graham crackers and apple juice after the procedure that I couldn’t bare to touch. My throat felt soar, and I felt woozy from the sedatives. 13 minutes later, the doctor accompanied my fiancé and I by the hospital bed separated with a sheet from the other patients. She began with stating she performed a biopsy during the procedure to rule out any infections or cancer. My heart dropped, not the “C” word. She stated the results will come back in a few days and depending on which day the biopsy completes, I’ll be eithered mailed a letter or contacted by the nurse of the results. She proceeds to say to make a follow up appointment in 6 weeks and to take it easy for the rest of the day. 

I felt deaf in both ears and didn’t want to believe that cancer may be the cause of my roller coaster of symptoms. I’m going to remain optimistic. That’s all I can do at this point.

Until next time!



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