Grieving Through The Holidays

Hey lovelies,

 Christmas is quickly approaching and so is New Years and .. my mother’s anniversary of her home-going celebration. 

Even though it’s going on 5 years since her death, There are days that are difficult to get through than others. But I still manage to tackle the day as best as I can. However, What about the millions of people who find celebrating the holidays difficult? The holidays are supposed to bring joy and create new memories with your family and friends. But when one has to experience the loss of a loved one, Celebrating the holidays is literally impossible to do. The season can bring back good memories and also painful memories for one to go through.

 I didn’t realize it would take a lot of time and energy to adjust to life without my mom. It takes time mentally to tell yourself to never go back to that unhappy place and to gain control of your happiness! That’s what our loved ones want, not us crying during the holidays. 

They want us celebrating and smiling!

I know nothing is better than the presence of our loved one that passed, But you can keep that person’s memory and spirit alive by doing something in honor of them. For example:

  • If they would volunteer around the holidays, Do the same at a shelter or hospital.
  • If they would normally have Christmas dinner at their home, offer to organize or prepare a dish for the Holiday meal.
  • If your not a church going person, But the person that passed was, Go to church and also pray you get through this.

I’m sending my love and my support to anyone battling this right now. Be brave and keep your head up!