See You At The Top!

Hello lovelies! Since I’ve been blogging I had the pleasure of speaking with some amazing people who own their successful  blogs and/or brands of their own. And I always had the same mindset of a boss! (Lol)

I was inspired to write this post after speaking with the knowledgeable and sophisticated Naftali Chirchir! We had a discussion about Lazy habits and how to avoid it and the conversation was a breath of fresh air!

“To succeed you must be sure of yourself before you ever win a prize!”

                                     -Naftali Chirchir

Belief in yourself is an automatic positive attitude to excel in your goals or expectations that meet your reality. 

During the journey yes, you’re going to get frustrated, annoyed and may even want to give up. But because your not seeing results faster than you like, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ride it out to the end. It’s a headache, but it’s also a liberating feeling. Not only do you have the responsibility for making the decisions,  But also seeing the final results good or bad and accepting the final answer for what it is.

Do something worth believing in. Trust me you can fool everyone else, But you can’t trick yourself into believing you have a passion when it’s false. It’s takes a lot of willpower to try something out of your comfort zone. However, with patience and consistency you will see the results that describe success to you!

Until next time, See You At The Top!



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