My 8 Favorite Beauty YouTube Channels

Hey lovelies! Ever since I discovered makeup tutorials on YouTube when I was 13 years old, I’ve been hooked ever since. There are millions of people on YouTube that’s making makeup tutorials, Vlogs, DIY Tutorials etc. Yet, It’s literally impossible to land on every single channel created on YouTube in one lifetime. Luckily over the years, I came across some amazing beauty gurus that promote confidence, All while teaching you to apply makeup on your own! Here’s my favorites beauty YouTubers that taught me how to apply my own makeup.


1.) Jesse Arreola – Meet Jesse Arreola! The definition of slay! He’s a MUA and a beauty influencer. I just recently discovered his channel from a twitter follower sharing one of his makeup tutorials and I fell in love! He’s very informative and detailed in his tutorials. I learned the proper brushes to use while applying makeup just from watching his videos. Let’s just say, My makeup went from beginner to professional.

2.) Aaliyah Jay– I’ve been following Aaliyah ever since I discovered I love makeup. One thing Aaliyah and I have in common is that we have dry skin. She has unique makeup tutorials that are made just for us dry skin folks, That will moisturize our skin and slay at the same time. Also her story time videos always makes my ribs ache from laughter! Her bubbling personality makes it impossible to watch just one video.

3.) The Glam Twins 334– I love Kelsey and Kendra! And Glam is the perfect word to describe their channel! They’re down to earth and beauty gurus from skin care, hair tips and way more! After I gave birth to my daughter in 2013, My hair fell out horribly from no longer taking the prenatal vitamins. These girls saved my hair from their simple and easy hair care routine!

4.) Alissa Ashley– Another one of my YouTube favorites is Alissa Ashley! I found Alissa while searching on YouTube one day on how to properly apply makeup with hooded eyelids for a friend, And I’ve been watching her videos ever since. Alissa is very informative with her tutorials and bold with her makeup, If I’m ever feeling courageous and want a bold sexy look, Alissa’s channel is my go-to. 

5.) Nitraa B– I’ve been following Nitraa B’s channel ever since I discovered her bomb dot com Eyebrow tutorial back in 2014 when I wanted to do more than fill in my eyebrows. And honey! I now use concealer, eyebrow pomade and spoolie all from Nitraa B detail makeup tutorials. She’s a lifestyle/beauty blogger to the core! She does hair tutorials, fashion hauls, Home decor and more. She’s just a splash of fun and her personality rubs off on you very easily in her videos.

6.) ItsMyRayeRaye– My girl Raye! I have mastered pretty much any simple DIY Beauty trick and tips thanks to Raye. She has DIY tricks for manicures, Skin care, hair care you name it! Her YouTube channel has saved me serious money! Also her Nicki Minaj “Feeling Myself” makeup tutorial has blown me away! I would have easily mistaken her for the star rap artist, because the resemblance was stunning. Hashtag skills! 

7.) Nicole Guerriero– The gorgeous Nicole, I was curious of all the hype of the gorgeous beauty guru that’s on YouTube pulling off celebrity recreate tutorials from Rihanna to Kylie Jenner, and the hype was true. She uses ranges of cosmetics from drugstore to high end, And right there I was sold, When I seen her amazing skills while recreating one of the characters from my favorite childhood movie Beetle Juice! I knew I was going to be a long time subscriber.

8.) Missy Lynn/Start 2 Finish MUA– Missy Lynn is definitely one of the MUAs on the list that truly inspired me. She’s an Air Force Veteran and knows how to slay with a makeup brush! Her affordable stylish fashion hauls are to die for!

When I’m trying to perfect the winged eyeliner look or A DIY trick for growing out my natural hair, YouTube is the place I go to, after google of course . Until next time lovelies!



Who’s your favorite YouTubers? List them below!

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