The Art of Not Giving a Damn

Hello lovelies, Who’s guilty of tip-toeing their way through life by only doing things to please others and just overall caring what other people think of us? I know I’m guilty of it.

We accept that everyone got the daily memo “Accept how things are or make your life hell”. Eventually we don’t even notice our actions, appearance and even our lives become transformed by how others views us.

It’s exhausting and terrible to live the ideal life of what others want us to live. It has to stop! It’s impossible to live up to everyone’s expectations. There will always be unsatisfied people in this world, No matter how kind we treat them – They will always judge us for all the things we do. Change our hair, Get a promotion or even using the restroom. We can never stop people from judging us, But what we we can do is, Stop it from affecting us.

You’re going to come across people that aren’t going to have the same views as you. So why no express how you truly feel? What’s the worse that can happen if you stand up for what we believe in? Maybe they will change a new leaf and have some knowledge on a topic or absolutely nothing will happen. Because you stood your ground, Regardless if they agree or disagree. As long as you set your point across with no issues, That’s all that matters.

The world is filled with people that reads their daily memo and deal with it, And then there’s people like us that’s going to make a difference! Start living the way you want, Stand up for what you believe in and lastly be fearless



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