Makeup Products I’ll Always Repurchase

I tend to switch up things from time to time when it comes to my makeup routine. One year I’m wearing a face full of makeup and the next year I’m wearing no makeup at all. However, After a few years of wearing makeup and watching makeup tutorials on YouTube. I found the holy grail items that I use for my “everyday” makeup look.  The following products not only do the job, But they’re all affordable and can be found in your local beauty supply store.And of course I have to share these amazing products so you can try them out yourself!

1.) LA Girl HD Pro Concealer | This is my favorite concealer of all time! I discovered this product while watching makeup guru  Aaliyah Jay applying the product during one of her makeup tutorial. This product is inexpensive and applies on smoothly with or without foundation. It has GREAT coverage, and it varies in all different shades. 

2.)  NYX Tame & Frame Tinted Brow Pomade | I’ll be the first to admit I barely have any eyebrows, So finding a product that doesn’t look harsh on my face was a task. But This product makes my eyebrows look very natural. You would never think I have any product on my brows unless I tell you. This fabulous product comes in many natural shades for everyone to use. Definitely worth buying for only $6.99.

3.) Maybelline Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara | The name fits perfectly for this mascara “falsies”, Maybelline has done it this time with this “false eyelashes in a bottle” product. It makes your eyelashes POP and appear longer and thicker with just one or two coats. 

4.) NYX HD Translucent Photogenic Setting Powder | This is another tip I’ve learned from Aaliyah Jay by watching her tutorials. After applying concealer and/or highlighter, Applying this product on top for about 10 seconds gives your face a natural glow in any lighting. I don’t go anywhere without setting my makeup. And it’s great for oily skin. 

5.) NYX Lip Lingerie Lipstick | The color that I use is beauty mark and This product makes my lips look amazing, Full and scrumptious. Applying NYX Lip Pencil in the color dark brown. Completes my lips with a cute color that’s perfect for the Autumn season  and goes great with any outfit.

These are the 5 products hat I apply everyday that always do my face justice for any occasion.

What are your makeup products you can’t seem to separate from? Comment Below!

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