It’s The Little Things That Count

In this egocentric world it’s hard for couples to stay in a stable relationship for long, Relationships end sometimes over the simplest reasons or no reason at all. Especially when it comes down to someone not feeling appreciated in the relationship. You don’t have to buy an expensive handbag or take your partner out to eat every night or even every weekend for that matter. They don’t want the world, All they want is your time and attention.

It’s the little things that count in a relationship, Say “I love you” in many different ways. If your spouse likes flowers, Have flowers sent to their job, Send random text messages expressing your feelings, leave love notes around the house or just purchasing their favorite candy bar – Be creative! Give your partner a compliment every once in awhile, Nothing sounds better than your loved one complimenting your hair or the dinner you’ve cooked the previous night. It can really make someone’s bad day turn out good.

Although love isn’t blind, These little gestures, words or actions are just the small things that express our love to the person we want to spend eternity with. 

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