Product Review | E’TAE Carmelux Hair 

I dread when wash day comes up on my phone as a reminder, But I could not wait to try E’TAE products that I purchased earlier this month.

After so long of hearing amazing things and watching all the “You have to see it to believe it” videos. I was more then convinced this product would do wonders to my hair. Of course I wanted to try the product out to give my honest opinion on the product, So here we go!

Carmel Deep Reconstructing Treatment

In the instructions provided it states to apply this product first. It provided a soft,silk and smoothness to my hair immediately, And the scent of the product was alluring, I was very tempted not to apply the whole bottle into my head just because of the fragrance alone.

Carmelux Deep Penetrating Treatment Shampoo

The first thing that made me fall in love with E’TAE shampoo is that it’s sulfate free! Not only does this shampoo has great natural ingredients that lathers my hair until its left squeaky clean, But this shampoo has also improved my dry and flaky scalp that I had for years and leaves my hair with a natural shine. 

Carmelux Silk Protein Conditioner

I’m not as picky when it comes to shampoo. But I most certainly am when it comes to the conditioner that goes into my hair. I never judge hair products from what I expect out of it. However, from what they’re putting on the table to help improve my hair, I’m the judge of if they’re trying to persuade me. This condition claims it makes hair easier to detangle, improves texture and eliminates breakage. And those 3 can be checked off the list because it’s completely accurate. The first thing I noticed after 2 to 3 washes, My hair that once was dry and brittle after fully transitioned, turned shiny and bouncy. And I couldn’t get enough of the volume this conditioner provided as well.

E’TAE Buttershine

And last but not least E’TAE buttershine moisturizer, Right before blow drying my hair, I apply a dime size into my hair and massage into my scalp to prevent my scalp from growing dry. Which was an amazing tip because too much of the product can cause your hair to weigh down slightly. E’TAE butterhshine moisturizer is definitely a product I’ll repurchase.

Overall, E’TAE hair products produced to great results for my hair. With the proper hair styling tools and this amazing product, I was able to give my hair something it hasn’t had in a very long time shine, moisture and importantly healthy hair.

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