Inspiration | 7 Things You Should Do to Better Everyday Life

After becoming a mother of two I am big on everything has to be organized and sechduled for the following day or week. Doing this not only made me feel better to know I’m prepared, But also help me not stress. Of course, Some things is out of our control. But why not practice positive habits and get into a routine? It makes the day go by much serene.
After my son turned 6 months I had tried over a hundred routines to accommodate my family. But now almost a year later, After adjusting my routine. I found one that stuck! Finally.

Today I would like to share 7 Things You Should Do to Better Everyday Life

7.) Drink More Water | As much as I love soda,juice or coffee. I’ve been neglecting good ol’ water! Everyone knows the benefits of drinking water, And after a month of drinking nothing but H2O. My skin has been acne free, My hair is shiny and bouncy and my nails are the strongest it’s been in years! Increasing my water intake was one of the best decisions I’ve done for my body.

6.) Alone Time | Who doesn’t enjoy some alone time? After a long day you just want to sit or lay across any object you can lay on. Closing your eyes, TV and Phone off while the room is dim for only a few minutes is the next relaxing technique I enjoy. Unwinding and relaxing your mind and body helps you tackle the rest of the day with little to no problems.

5.) Exercise | I love walking. Walking has helped jumpstart both of my pregnancies. Sechduling some time to distribute to your physical health is also helping with your organizing skills. Walking de-stresses the body, It helps clear my mind, walk off any frustration and get some cardio in too.

4.) Nurture Your Mind With Positivity | When I’m not blogging or chasing after my upbeat “won’t stop running” children. I’m a full time mobile phlebotomist that’s always in a car for long hours at a time. I listen to up-beat music, podcast and inspirational interviews from amazing people. This gets me motivated in the early hours of the morning that I can rub off onto others.

3.) Read a Book | There are many options other than books that you can read, there’s magazines, articles, comic books etc. Reading has become one of my favorite things to do during my alone time. It helps my mind escape reality and play with one of my childhood favorites – my imagination.

2.) Writing | I always write how thankful I am for waking up everyday in my journal when I wake up. Then later through out the day, I express if I had a bad day or not. I like going back weeks to months and reading how I felt throughout the year. And if I had a bad day, Next time I’ll know what to do to avoid it from repeating.

1.) Have Confidence | I cannot stress this enough how important to always feel confident in yourself! There was plenty of days I felt hideous and ugly but no one else knew that. I’ll walk in any room with my chin high to the sky and a smile that stretch ear to ear. Telling yourself your beautiful everyday is the truth. The only way your day can be ruined is if you allow someone to do it.

And as always, Thank you for reading and leaving your comments! Your feedback is what strive me everyday to inspire others in my path.

Until a Next Time! 

Be Bold. Be Brave. Be Yourself 



What do you do everyday that helps you have a more positive day? Comment below! 

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15 thoughts on “Inspiration | 7 Things You Should Do to Better Everyday Life

  1. Glad to have found this amazing blog lots and lots of lovely posts to be read. well for me believing in yourself every day and thinking you were born to do something big is one of those things that help better everyday life

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  2. I tell myself just how lucky I am to be alive. Life is short and these simple tips make it even easier to live it to the fullest, however, I do think you have accomplished what few mothers can. You’re inspiring. Just one thing on this list I simply can’t live without and that is coffee. Chat soon JR

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