Using Negative Energy, Positively 

Now that we’re almost a month into the new year, I’m pretty sure everyone’s goals is to remain positive and happy. But what if that task doesn’t come as easy for some?
Having negative energy isn’t always bad, I know it sounds crazy but once we’re aware of what needs to be changed or removed, we can set goals to changing our behavior and mood for the better.

Once you’re aware of the problem at hand it’s best to tackle that problem other than wallow in it. I know, Better said than done. But it can get done.

A persons natural ability of dealing with negativity or regrets is to avoid the situation completely. Yet, We want to do the opposite, We want to tackle the situation head strong. When you find some good in the bad it’s way easier and faster to just dust your shoulders off and keep trying until victory or until your happy with the end results win or lose.

Having a negative feeling is a little alarm in your head that goes off when something needs readjusted. And it’s up to you to listen and take action.

It worked for me.. Now it’s your turn !  
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8 thoughts on “ Using Negative Energy, Positively 

  1. Definitely! It’s never that great of an idea to be positive just for the sake of being positive bc then its kind of an empty positivity – I always like to be very aware of the reasons behind my happiness :)) I believe it allows me to be more conscious of what im thankful for in life

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