How To Prevent Razor Bumps and Burns

There is nothing more frustrating when attempting to make your legs,arms, underarms and bikini area soft and nude, Only to suffer from the unattractive look of razor burns and bumps, On worse occasion even an infection. Let’s face it, Peoples who’s skin is prone to getting razor bumps or burns has to spend a little more cash on razors or shaving creams to prevent the madness from getting worse. But what if you don’t have the extra cash to get one?

Luckily, There are tips to take to avoid these eyesores. If you have a bone to pick with razor bumps, Follow these tips below and your chances of getting razor burns and bumps will minimize dramatically.

1.) Never Pick It! | I can not stress this enough, Never pick at your razor burns or bumps. You can introduce an possible infection and they won’t go away. Leave it alone. Just keep an eye out for any possible infections.

2.) Don’t Use A Dull Blade | Using old, brittle and rusty razor blades will cause razor bumps. If you decide to go the electric route, Make sure the razor is sharp. You don’t want the blades pulling and pinching at your skin, Causing your hair follicles to become irritated and inflamed.

3.) Use Ice | If you still happen to get razor burns or bumps, Applying ice where the site is irritated will slow down the inflammation and irritation. 

4.) Exfoliate The Problem Areas | And not harshly, A Gentile exfoliating of the problem areas removes dead skin and open up clogged pores and remove the hair that was stuck in the hair bump. This  technique will also stop it from returning.

5.) Use Lotion or Antibacterial Cream | If you suffer from dry skin, Applying a non fragrance lotion or over the counter creams will help with redness and irritation.

6.) Rinse With Cold Water | Its always essentially best to rinse the areas you shaved with cold water to close the pores, So bacteria has a least likely chance of causing an infection.

7.) Apply Crushed Up Aspirins | This trick I would use religiously! If my razor bump wasn’t looking like it was going away. Crush up some aspirins, Mix well with lukewarm water until it forms a chunky paste and place it onto the problem areas for five to ten minutes. And wash off again with warm warter. One of the ingredients that helps remove the dead skin cells and kills bacteria is salicylic acid. And it also helps clean out the pores as well.

If you follow these tips, Your razor bumps and burns should improve by a mile.

Do you have razor bumps and burns tips that aren’t listed? Comment below! 

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