How To Make Your Relationship Work

Unfortunately we don’t have the privilege of learning relationship advice and tips in school or Why do 50 percent of married couples end in a divorce? However, There has been successful marriages and relationships. So why is their a high percentage on divorces and failed relationships? What is that happy couple doing that others aren’t? Luckily, There’s people like me whom do their own research on the topic.

Beginning a relationship is generally easy, Talking on the phone and texting all hours of the night, Butterflies when your around one another and Smiling like a goofball when your in each other’s faces. Yet, Maintaining the spark that was formed when first meeting each other is a tricky task at times to keep. After all the tears and heartache I’ve been through personally (More details coming soon), My fiancée and I are in a better place with the tips I had to practice throughout the 6 years we’ve been together.

Results happen over time not over night.”

1.) Speechless Affection | Of course a routine Hi and Bye to your partner is okay, A few kisses when you leave each other or just small conversation is part of the everyday life of a couple. But what about holding each others hands in public? Random hugs and kisses without them knowing, Flirting with one another like high school children? Interacting with your partner throughout the day sets an alarm off in their head; Letting them know your attracted to them. Even after a few days, weeks, months or years! 

2.) Don’t Lie | Lying to your partner can turn something small into a huge disagreement. If you know your in the wrong – don’t lie, just face the music and tell the truth. Both you and your partner will appreciate that honesty isn’t hidden in the relationship. When a problem does come across, Everything will be laid all out on the table from both parties.

3.) Respect | Plain and Simple, Don’t do things to your partner that you wouldn’t want done to you. This is the person you love and adore, Never belittle your partner. In a worse case scenario, your partner will simply leave or find someone that will respect them.

4.) Communicate | Communication is key to a healthy relationship. Always discuss honestly, openly and respectfully, with your partner, Then everything can be laid all out on the table for a proper discussion on the topic, Without a heated discussion coming about.

There are many things that needs to be accomplished for a relationship to work. Most importantly, The relationship is about the two involved in the relationship – not any outside parties. There will always be differences amongst eachother, However there is always some common ground that can be met. 

Just take misunderstandings, arguments and discussion for what they are. Talk, Listen and understand your partner. So you guys can grow as an couple and as whole.

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8 thoughts on “How To Make Your Relationship Work

  1. Loved this… nice post. Especially the point about respect… there are so many instances of people openly disrespecting their spouses in public that I am glad you took the time to bluntly point out that it isn’t an OK thing to do. I also thinking that working to maintain sexual polarity is key for keeping a relationship alive.

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