How To Organize Makeup Bag

A few months ago I’ve been very interested in learning how to do makeup. I’ve been watching makeup tutorials on YouTube and practicing on myself and others. But, Not to toot my own horn, But my skills has improved drastically for the better. However, Along with learning how to apply makeup; Is purchasing beauty products you may or may not like or the beauty brushes to apply the product correctly – Which cause your makeup bag, Drawer or vanity to become cluttered with expired, unused beauty products and along with your favorites that are hidden.

My makeup bag looks so much neat and organized after cleaning and sorting my makeup stash. Since this was such a helpful and time-saving process for me, I figured why not share my tips on how to properly clean your makeup collection and get everything organized for easy access to your everyday makeup routine.


  • Gather all your makeup in one spot before starting.
  • Gather your makeup into piles, A pile that you’re keeping,undecided,donate or throw away.
  • Make sure you’re completely honest with yourself during this sorting process, If you haven’t worn a blush or concealer because of the shade, Donate it to someone who will use it so the product don’t go to waste.
  • For the products your undecided on, Store them away in an storage area that’s not wet or damp, Whenever you have the perfect outfit or event and that product will go great for good use, Pull it out and rock it.
  • Throw away expired and older products first, When sorting through the beauty products you are keeping, It will be much easier to organize with the older ones out of the way.

  • Pick a clean space to keep all your beauty products stored so that it’s easy to have easy access.
  • If you have just a bag to keep your makeup organized, Find a bag with compartments for your brushes, lipstick, moisturizer etc. If you have more space like a vanity or drawer, Invest in boxes,containers and/or boxes to store your makeup. There are great DIY Crafts for decorating containers and boxes on Pinterest.
  • Organize your makeup by product, Keep your liquid foundation in one drawer and your lipstick in another etc. If you’re in a hurry to get out the door, You know where to find that specific makeup product with no problem.
  • Keep your favorites products that is use for everyday use in the frontto have quick access.
  • If you have duplicates, Keep your favorite one out and store the other one away so it won’t be forgotten.

Organizing my makeup collection was the best thing I can do to make my morning and makeup routine smoother. I think I’m going to repeat this process every 3 to 6 months, Just to keep my makeup stash under control. I’ll know which products I need to repurchase because I’m running out and products not to buy because I have two of the same products at home.

How do you organize your makeup collection? Comment below!

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