8 Beauty Hacks That You Will Actually Use

Being a girl is tough. Having to exercise, Eat healthy, Exfoliate our skin and Moisturize etc,  Just to feel beautiful inside and out. Luckily we have the advantage of having time saving hacks when it comes to makeup and beauty. Whether you’re late for work or just feeling lazy. These amazing beauty hacks will accomplish your beauty goals and save you time!

  1. Use Vaseline For Eyelash Growth | Applying a small size vaseline to your eyelashes with a q-tip before bed will make your eyelashes softer,longer and fuller.
  2. Set Your Lipstick | The final item that pulls your whole makeup look together is your lipstick/lip gloss. After applying your favorite lipstick place a tissue over your lips and lightly dust powder over your lips so your lipstick can last longer than a few hours.
  3. Bye-Bye Eye Puffiness | Placing a spoon in the freezer or fridge for 5 to 10 minutes, And place the cold spoon under your eye until it reaches room temperature will reduce shadow and swelling under the eyes.
  4. Neat Manicure | Using a old nail polish bottle, Water and Elmer’s glue. Mix the ingredients together in the bottle and apply with the brush around your cuticles to avoid a mess while applying your nail polish. Easy to create at home and easy to clean.
  5. Gray Roots | Is your hairstylist booked and can’t touch up your roots? Use mascara to hide the color of your roots temporarily, Until your able to get an appointment.
  6. Clumpy Mascara | Never pump your mascara wand in and out the tube, It pushes more air into the tube causing your mascara to dry quickly. Run your mascara under hot water to avoid clumps every once in awhile and to maintain a smooth application when applying.
  7. Hair Hack | Spray your favorite fragrance into a hairbrush of your choice, To leave your hair smelling beautiful. Great way to boost confidence.
  8. Use Clear Tape | If your anything like me I can’t perfect the cat eyes to save my life. But with the help from clear tape, It’s a easy and simple guide to perfect the cat eye each time.

What beauty hacks do you use that aren’t listed? Comment below!

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