How to Conquer Insecurities

It’s important to understand that having insecurities is common and everyone goes through it. The culture and society today tends to have their own personal agenda for how they want certain people to do certain things. This not your fault, Completely out of anyones hands to change. However, Learning to adapt in a world that is set in its ways is up to you how you overcome it. It’s important to believe in yourself, Even if no one is standing in your corner.  

 Motivate yourself. I always became insecure when I seen someone more wealthy than me, I always thought “What did they do that I didn’t?” Then I learned some people have opportunities that everyone doesn’t have access too. That doesn’t mean it stops there. Educate yourself so you can be in the same shoes as that person.
Perfect people doesn’t exist, Not even if they’re are royal. No one is perfect, Everyone has that one thing that stands out from everyone else that we would consider a flaw. Yet it’s that one thing that allows us to stand out of the crowd.

  • You can be book smart but be dyslexic.
  • You can have a blemish free face but have crooked teeth.
  • You can be a straight “A”student and drop out at the last minute.

We’re all human and we all have things we wish we could change, Embracing the things we can’t stand the most about ourselves, Teaches us how to love ourselves. Everyone has their own problems, And from my perspective I can’t see them on others. And that’s okay.

Society and media tells us alot of non sense, How you have to be rich to be successful or have to be skinny to be classified as beautiful, No don’t let that intimidate you, You don’t need permission to be yourself.

Most importantly, Once you accept who you are, Everyone around isn’t going to have a choice but to do so as well.

Heres! To the end of your insecurities!

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