Beauty | 6 Ways To Wash Face Properly Clean

Washing your face is one of those things that’s pretty much second nature. Just a mild soap and warm water and you’re good to go? That’s until you overhear someone does their regimen differently than your own. And that’s when you contemplate if you use soap with fragrance or not, Warm or cold water? 

Turns out I needed more knowledge on skincare myself. There are precisely hundreds and hundreds of skin care regimens – For that specific person. Everyone skin is different from one another and sometimes what may work for one person won’t work for you, Your skincare regimen doesn’t have to be rocket science. There’s only a couple if things you need to do to maintain healthy clean skin.

  • Moisturize
  • Cleanse
  • Drink water
  • And Protect from the sun

I always try to go down the “simple and easy” route, Which normally turns out to be an epic fail. Yet, This simple regimen not only cleared up my face and gave me a natural glow and highlight.

I also like reasonably priced products, Once more I’m an effortless woman. Short, sweet and to the point. 

1.) Wash and Go | Before you start washing your face, You want to make sure all the makeup,oil sweat that stuck deep into the pores all gone. Using a mild soap, makeup remover cleansing towelettes or cleansing oils. Following with warm water and a dime size of facial cleanser. Cetaphil Cleanser is an amazing product and starter if your unsure of skin type. Make sure not to rub, Make small circular motions all over the face and rinse with warm water. It helps opens your pores and release what’s stuck in them.

2.) Wash Your Face Twice A Day | Always wash your face when you awake in the morning and before you go to bed. It helps prevents break, And if your anything like mine it’s gets very oily through the day so it decreases the oils. If you have dry or sensitive skin, cleanse once every other day before bed.

3.) Exfoliate | Exfoliating helps your skin appear blemish free and it removes all the oils and dirt that was trapped in our pores that we couldn’t reach. An exfoliating brush or cleanser is just right for the job.

4.) Close Your Pores | After washing and exfoliating all the oil,sweat or makeup that was on your face, it’s very essential to close your pores afterwards with cold water to prevent your pores from possibly getting clogged. 

5.) Moisturize | Moisturizing your face is very important, It prevents your face from drying out and it keeps your skin smooth as silk.

6.) Face Mask | Face mask are fun and using them twice a week definitely helps makes the skin smooth and soft and  Helps minimizes pimples.

What is your Skin Care Routine? Comment below!

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