Personal | 5 Things I’ve  Learned About Life (So Far)

21 years of existence on this beautiful planet God created called Earth has been rewarding and also – Hell. Even just being a plain human being comes with a lot of questions and answers. Now lets add if this “human being” wants to grow up and go to school to become a lawyer. Simple right? Finish high school, Get good grades and get accepted into a 4 year college with a scholarship!

That’s what everyone thought as little kids right? That they could pick their dream career and dream school and live to be happy and successful. Of course this is true, If your devoted to your education and dreams and never give up!

  1. Never Take Anything for Granted | Whether it’s good luck or just a blessing. It’s a gift, If you think you earned it or not. Never question it and be grateful.
  2. Stay Optimistic | Looking at the glass as half full is already changing a bad situation around. Always look for a positive outcome in all situations.
  3. Change is Good | Changing up a fixed routine every once in awhile is having a good attitude. Change is good and welcomes growth.
  4. Respect Everyone | “Treat people the way you want to be treated”. There are people in this world that are just down right rude. The only thing that anyone can do is just smile and tell that mean person to have a wonderful day and keep on about your day.
  5. Nothing in this World is Free | And I literally mean nothing, If you want all your heart desires hard work and dedication wins the race. Hard works pays off in the end.

A lot of times we try to stay optimistic and come out short and disappointed. However, Playing malicious events in the back of your head does not make any situation better. So before you proceed on doing so, Take a deep breath count to three and thinks of all the time “It could of been worse.”

Be Bold.Be Brave. Be You

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