Podcast Review | Real Ghost Stories Online

Who here are fans of ghost stories, Hauntings and Unexplainable sightings? I know I am. I’m also a fan of internet radio shows. Who wouldn’t want to be on the go listening to their favorite podcast from any and everywhere? So the great Jenny and Tony put two and two together and created…


Its a Podcast where REAL people from all over can email, make video recording or call in your REAL ghost stories! And it doesn’t stop there. This podcasts talks about hauntings,paranormal, supernatural and much more! It keeps you on your toes and your hairs standing up!

And the great thing about this Podcast is it’s FREE! I mean come on who doesn’t like free things? Or you can Become an EPP for only a monthly fee of $5 a month! You get access to way more scary stories that only EPPs only have access too..

If you have an interest in ghost,ghouls, the afterlife and even big foot sightings this podcast is right for you!
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