My Ideas of a Perfect Sunday.

Hello my lovelies,

Every time the weekend arrives, I get so excited my goofy side starts to come out and I can’t help myself.
What is there not to love about the weekend right?

  • Catching up on some sleep.
  • Cleaning.
  • Fun with family/friends.
  • Catch up on that tv show that you missed half the episodes.

And much more!

Yet, my favorite day of the weekend is Sunday, I like to call it my Lazy Day – I think everyone calls it that honestly …or Relax day.. But Nonetheless, I go into straight lazy-ass mode. And what I mean by that is wearing my fiancé large T-Shirts, Sweatpants or hubby’s boxer/briefs that I sneak without him looking (Eventually, I get caught like 2 minutes later lol) and wearing my hair all crazy.

Even though I would prefer to stay in my bed and binge watch American Horror Story and stuff my face with pizza rolls. Being a mom to a 4 year old diva daughter and one year old a energetic boy. I only get those perks during their nap time, and even then I’m in the fridge stuffing my face with some junk food I shouldn’t be eating. But Hey! I’m only human.

When I do have those lovely 60 or more minutes to myself there are a few things I enjoy doing in my alone time or spending them with my family. 

5.) Going To The Park– There’s nothing better than going to the park on a hot Sunday afternoon and letting the kids go for it! Watching the kids running around, jumping, skipping, even falling and tiring themselves out without me having to do anything but chase them for a little while, Yell Boo! to scare them, Rolling down the Hill and much more. I mean sure I leave with cuts and bruises that would make someone believe I got into a fist fight with a rose bush and lost. But as long as the kids have fun, that’s all that matters.

4.) AMERICAN HORROR STORY!– This show is one of my top shows I like to watch including The Leftovers and Orange is the New Black. Nothing better than watching your favorite shows, Eating your own snacks without having to share with your kids WHILE they’re taking a nap which mean NO INTERRUPTIONS – Vacation for a hour, Just until the kids wake up.

3.) Cuddle Time– I love when both my kids climb up to me and lay on my chest until they fall asleep. I always try to enjoy these moments while I can before they want me to stop altogether. Then I’m going to cry in the corner asking why my children stopped loving me haha!

2.) Video Games with Hubby– I must admit I wasn’t a video games type of girlfriend. I mean I enjoyed playing The Sims and Harvest Moon I normally watched hubby play his games until I grew bored and asked could I join in his tensed gameplay of Call of Duty, which I now enjoy playing together the most with my fiancé. But even if we’re playing against or with each other (I always kick his butt, But he’s in denial lol). We always have a blast. 

1.) Going Out to Eat with Family– One of my favorite things I love to do during the weekend is going to a nice testy and grab breakfast with my family. Our #1 choice is Dennys. They have the best bacon and toast I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating then digesting then.., you know the rest! lol 

These are just a few of the hobbies my family and myself do with one another or during our alone time.

What do you to do during the weekends?

Until next time!

XOXO – Aneesha


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