You Have a Queston? Here’s my Answer!

Well HELLO beautiful person currently reading this! Yes you! You gorgeous piece of chocolate cake lol. And I love chocolate cake so that means I love you!

But let’s get down to business shall we! I love reading the emails you guys send me. Majority of the emails I get be personal, advice on certain situations etc. And unfortunately out of respect for you guys I don’t publish our conversation unless I have your permission. I have been getting a lot of the same questions, And I thought it would be a marvelous idea to make them public!


Question 1: What inspired you to begin blogging?

Answer: It started when I was 16 years old, I had lost my mother two days before Christmas Day in 2011. And unlike other people I held all my emotions in. Around the time of her passing I was doing more comforting for my family/friends than grieving. Until one day i exploded! And everything came out at once anger,sadness,hopelessness etc. So I picked up and pen and piece of paper and I couldn’t stop writing ever since. 

Question 2: You mentioned in one of your blogs that your boyfriend cheated, What made you take him back?

Answer: Well… I love him.. And always will. He did hurt me tremendously and him having another child makes it much much harder. It’s not like we could move on and keep it moving. I have a living constant reminder of what he did. And that reminder is my son and daughter’s other sibling… I’m not going to lie there are days where I want to say “f*** it! You don’t derserve me!” And I have.. But you can’t help who you love, And everyone makes mistakes. He’s very much aware he screwed up big time and has ALOT of making up to do. 

Question 3: For you to be 20 years old you Have ALOT of wisdom. Where do you get it from?

Answer: Awee thank you! Honestly… I don’t know. I’ve been told for many years I have an old soul, I carry myself like I’m in my late 20s or early 30s. Even before I had kids I carry myself more mature than others in the same age group. Now that I think about it.. My mother taught me about life at a very young age just “incase” I would need her and she wouldn’t be around.. She taught my siblings and I the “real world”. And she was my only mentor and guidance growing up, And thought “Momma knows best” lol so I listened to her every advice.

Question 4: This may come off mean but why do you care about helping people?

Answer: Oh very blunt lol well some people just don’t have the self esteem or confidence. I realized I love helping people when I was in the 10th grade and seen a group of girls bullying this girl for no reason. They made her life a living hell, They made fun of her clothes,hair,shoes, her having good grades I mean the list goes on. And I normally mind my business until one day I got fed up of witnessing the sh*t any further and I told them to “pick on me!” And to “Leave her the hell alone!”The bullied victim pulled me aside and thanked me repeadeately until she cried. And seeing that broke my heart and ever since if I see someone that didn’t have the voice or courage to stand up for themselves I did.

The questions listed I answer maybe 3 times a day lol. If you want to email please! Dont hesitate! or Follow me on Twitter 🙂

Love you guys!


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