Repeat After Me: I’m ABOVE This!

I am not ashamed of where I’ve been, Not afraid of where I’m going. I will rise above adversity! IM AN OVERCOMER!” 

                              – Jamila Davis

I am above this!

You knock me down,I’ll get back  up! Motivation to be a a must Losing is not an option nomore! My spirit.. My pride.. Told me to just give up once. It’s easy to just walk away when you become discouraged but My body, mind and soul told me hell no! To keep on going until I reached the finish line! 

I will move on from this pain sooner or later. And at the end will be my start to my new beginning… To my life. When I feel like quitting, I have to remember why I started in the first place.

I have been broken and I have lost myself…but guess what?

That only made me STRONGER!

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