How to Survive a Hard Break up

Ending a bad relationship is hard and Everyone is going to be dealing with a breakup now or later in their lives and does it suck! I look at a breakup as an alarm that goes off in my head to help me see what I want versus what im willing to settle for, and I will not settle with a jerk no matter how much I like them.

But there is some people out there that can’t just walk away if they’re are trying to or not. Dealing with the painful emotions is tough and trust me I’ve been down that road plenty of times. And I wanted to get rid of those feelings and emotions quickly as possible to move on.

There are several ways to cope with a breakup. When i wanted to get over a breakup other than texting or calling them, I would write (hence how my blog was born lol) everything i was thinking or feeling at the time and go back and read it later. 

Remember getting over a breakup takes times and patience, I know that’s what you don’t want to hear but if you don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel anytime soon don’t be embarrassed to turn to family or friends, they will always have your back through any situation. 

Here are the simple tips/advice I did over the years to move on from a painful breakup.

  1. Blocking them from phone and social media– One day your just scrolling through your timeline on your account and BOOM! there goes that asshole that gave you the “it’s not you its me” speech! And all the memories you guys shared starts flashing through your mind. To successfully get over a breakup it’s best to remove all contact with them until you move on for good. If you choose to remain friends DONT do it immediately following a breakup it will bring back those sucky memories your trying to avoid. REMIND them that’s all you want to be if you go down that route, and seriously sit down and think about if you want them in your life still as “friends”
  2. If you want to cry.. CRY!– There’s nothing wrong with crying after a hard breakup. Sh*t.. If you don’t cry you have no emotion and if you don’t have emotions you have no heart! Lol just kidding. No but seriously if you dont let those tears out the sound of their name or a song you guys enjoyed will have you break down at your workplace (Been there and done that!) and that wasn’t fun.
  3. Remove painful memories- Pictures,text messages, emails ANYTHING! There’s going to be all sorts of reminders about your ex. Having those items around are pointless and harder to move on. Remove any and everything that will make you walk down memory lane and have an urge to contact your ex. It works wonders! 
  4. Get out and enjoy yourself- Self explanatory go out and have fun. Stay indoors dwelling over your ex makes the breakup more depressing and harder to move on. Maintain your social life and your ex will be a thing from the past.

These are the 4 tips I’ve done personally over the years to get over a tough breakup. I hope they help you just like it helped me 🙂

Peace. Love and happiness ❤️

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