4 Things You Should NEVER Post on Social Media 

Some people just don’t realize that what they post on their social media website can end up being a nightmare! Another thing people fail to realize jobs search your name on these accounts to see who you really are! DUN DUN DUNNNN! No but seriously they do. (Me personally, I blocked all my co workers and managers) tee he lol. I just tell them I deactivated it lol.

BUT here are the 4 things you should NEVER post on your account.

  1. Your home and work address- Duh I know your thinking “Why the H.E double toothpicks would I do that?!” I know not literally putting you address up. But what’s that cool gadget on Facebook everyone is using now days???? Checking in or geo-tagging???? If you have that option on, you can have your exact location of your where abouts for all your friends to see.  Not okay
  2. Fun in the Sun (Vacation)-  I know your excited about your cruise to the Bahamas or your trip to Hawaii, wherever your going DO NOT post it on your social media accounts! That can introduce nasty people at your doorstep while your gone. Now I’m not saying don’t post pictures, but my personal advice is to do it either when you return or tons select trustworthy people :).
  3. Password Clues- Hackers are starting to become a tab bit smarter in what they do. And unfortunately online security questions aren’t the strongest. Especially when the question you picked can be found on your page. For example, What year did you graduate high school, what’s your moms name or what town are you from? These are the general question you can find in the About Me if someone’s account EASY!
  4. Angry statuses it comments-  Two words to sum this bad boy up.. SCREEN SHOT! Everyone is doing it even I’m doing it! If your having a bad day with joe smoe and make a status about him and someone that knows smoe screenshot it and shows him… Let’s just say a recipe for disaster! Trust me

I know social media is in now, but there are a lot  of risks that comes with it. Please think twice before you hit that update button my people of the blog world !


2 thoughts on “4 Things You Should NEVER Post on Social Media 

  1. I feel that the best rule to follow is ‘whatever you put on the Internet will stay there forever’. Maybe with an addition of ‘…and can be used against you’. Common sense, that’s what people lack when it comes to posting on their social media updates on every minute of their lives.

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